Nintendo Brings In The 3DS Big Guns With Today’s Nintendo Direct

The first Nintendo Direct in a long while is today. I was so excited and rightfully so, this was a splendid direct.

So much news was revealed and I love it.

Obviously Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming on November 18th of this year. They even showed off Alolan Rattatta.

There will also be a special Munchlax given away at the release of the game. This Snorlax is equipped with a special Z move Pulverizing Pancake. It looks like a pretty righteous move for the big guy.

The smash hit Mario Maker is coming to 3DS for Mario making levels on the go. With 100 levels made by Nintendo included and medal missions to complete this should be the start of a new world for Mario Maker. This version may not have costumes but that’s okay it is really focused on creation. You can share your courses locally or through street pass, and even collaborate with a friend on a level!

Mario Party Star Rush launches November 11th. This game will also launch with new Amiibo including Waluigi who is a high demand Amiibo character. Plus Glow in the Dark Boo is also released then.

With eight different game modes, multiplayer and all the characters you know and love this could be a good Mario Party.

After being released in 2012 Animal Crossing New Leaf is becoming new again. Finally this game is adding Amiibo compatibility. With 50 new amiibo cards featuring new characters and their mobile homes.

Street Pass is getting an upgrade. If you are a premium Street Pass user you can gather 100 people via Street Pass, 10 times the normal amount. There will also be a stream lined version of the plaza which will make it all go so much quicker.

Plus with 5 new games coming out for the plaza there is even more incentive to play around there. Plus, you get either Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers for free!

Tank Troopers which is coming out this Winter looks to be a fun and frantic Tank battling game. With a zany cast of characters, it could be quite the game.

Picross 3D 2 is also on its way with a demo out today.

There are also new Amiibo launching for The Legend of Zelda’s 30 the anniversary. These include an 8 bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link playing his ocarina and Wind waker Zelda and Link. Today also marks the release of the spirit tracks and phantom hourglass pack in Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS. With Toon Zelda joining the fray it makes sense for her to get an amiibo.

Skyward Sword the Wii U edition is out on the Wii U’s eshop today

Today also marks the release of the spirit tracks and phantom hourglass pack in Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS. With Toon Zelda joining the fray it makes sense for her to get an amiibo.

Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice comes out September 8th.

Dragon Quest VIII has been delayed to 2017 and it still looks like it will be a glorious remake.

Also announced was the remake of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Lost City

Yokai Watch is going Pokemon style with Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. There is even a physical medal that unlocks a  special move for Jibanyan. This game is a sequel to the first one but ends up taking place half in modern Springdale and half in old Springdale.There is also a demo coming in mid September!

Disney Magical World 2 comes out  on October 14th. I’ve heard the first one was rather good, so this one should be even better. All of your favorite disney characters live here and you can play with them. You can even fight monsters.

There is a new Galaxy styled 3DS coming out. It looks really cool. Also you can get the Super Mario 3d Land bundle for 149.99$

Sonic Boom Fire and Ice is coming out on the 27th.

Shin Megan Tensei IV Apocalypse is coming out on the 20th. The first round of release will include a metal badge.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is also coming to 3DS. This is a updated version of the Wii U edition with Pooch levels and Finding lost Poochy pups

Ever Oasis is also coming out next year. I think it looks like a charming game as you have to make your oasis the best. Who doesn’t want to help people living in a desert?

Super Mario Sport Stars is coming out later this year

Pikmin is coming to 3DS! It holds the charm of the console game in a smaller more Pikmin like size.

Wow, they really did pull out all the stops. The end of 2016 is looking bright for 3DS as is the beginning of 2017. Can’t wait to find out what is coming for Wii U and NX in the future!



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