Smackdown Live 30/08/2016

Welcome back to this weeks review of Smackdown Live,how long do you think it’ll be before we drop the ‘Live’ of Smackdown Live? I reckon probably a year max, not that I hate it, just seems a bit convoluted. We come back after a pretty ok Raw, albeit with the best main event it’s had in a while. In Smackdown related news, we come back heated, with the seeds set for an Ambrose/Styles rivalry, the Tag Team Tournament in full swing and some heat between Daniel Bryan and The Miz after last weeks argument on Talking Smack. Lets get in.

We open with Shane and Bryan rewatching the interview, Shane awkwardly grimaces before telling Bryan that he has to apologise. You can’t provoke talent like that, though Shane agrees with him. Bryan finds it ironic considering Shane’s beef with Lesnar. (Team Shane vs Team Lesnar SS 17 BAYBEE). We cut to The Miz walking to the ring in a suit, determined, no time for needless aspects, yelling ‘cut the music!’. He yells at the crowd for not taking him seriously until now, announcing his ambition to elevate the title to a higher level again. He yells at the crowd, calling them cowards, but I see nothing but good points. Before he can say anything more, out comes Dolph Ziggler. He argues the same points but in a facelike fashion, saying that Dolph does it to be the best while Miz just wants to be famous. Dolph wants a piece of Miz right here. The Miz follows his philosophies and denies. Dolph calls him a soft safe coward. The crowd chants along as he leaves. I personally don’t believe that the Miz is Sawft, I’m supporting him for this feud.

Tag Team Tournament Round 1: Hype Bros vs The Vaudevillains

I know its been a while since The Vaudevillains have been taken as serious contenders, but they aren’t even playing their whole entrance anymore. Hopefully its just because of time constraints rather than a lack of care. Hopefully the fact that this match was less than five minutes long is also due to time constraints. Mojo and Zack utterly destroyed them but I don’t see the Hype Bros as Tag Team Title worthy, The Vaudevillains could be if they had a chance. It seems that they’re just going down the route of The Ascension. At least they would have got more of a reaction than Mojo’s sad, lonely ‘we don’t get hype’ to dead silence.

Winner by Pinfall: The Hype Bros

Good to see AJ still rocking the headband, flaunting the halls, rightfully calling himself the face that runs the place to randos. His match tonight is hinted at when he mocks Apollo Crews, seeing Apollo’s dopey smiling face pisses me off so I’m glad that Styles will hopefully kick his ass. AJ is then introduced by the announcers as the face that runs the place, then Apollo comes in, hopefully granting my wish early.

AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews

The build to this match was so short, in  fact the show so far has been feeling rushed even though its already a half hour in. Hopefully they’re building to something towards the end of the show. Apollo needs to find his place in the company by the Rumble or he’s in trouble, he just seems like a guy that just roams, losing contendership matches and title matches without doing anything of merit.Maybe with matches against AJ like this, he could be elevated to a midcard title at least. AJ continues to show his mastery of the 2.98 kickouts and puts on a good show with Crews before finishing him off with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

We now take some time to see Heath Slater’s beautiful wife and seven kids, Rhyno is now apparently living in his home. This is great. Renee is presented with a mean spread of Cheez spray and crackers, as Rhyno goes through the plate solo and Heath’s wife burps and lingers in the room. Heath laments his kids absence, they’re picking up cans and bottles. Shit this is great. Heath then runs away when his car is stolen while Rhyno continues to eat crackers and smile. Since they were excluded, I have a Skatronixxx exclusive available for you! For the first time ever, we can reveal the appearance of one of Heath’s kids.


Cherub like.

The fireflies light up the ring as the next spot starts up. Bray Wyatt is in the house! He takes a seat in the middle of the ring before calling out Randy Orton, he talks about his weaknesses and how Bray is resistant to his strengths. Just as he tells Randy to run, Orton’s music hits. Bray can do nothing but laugh as the crowd chants for Randy. Randy addresses Bray as one damaged man to another, presenting himself as the predator that Bray wanted to see. Bray however, is the predator in this situation, and makes it known. He then tells Randy that he wants him at Backlash. Randy can do nothing but tell Bray that he respects him and wants to give him what he wants. Orton runs to the ring but Wyatt is gone before he gets there.

Natalya and Alexa Bliss vs Naomi and Becky Lynch

We get a reminder of Carmella’s feud with Nikki Bella as Nikki comes out as the guest commentator for this womens tag team match. This means that the match is kind of immediately derailed in favour of a Total Bellas advertisement, the focus soon comes back to the match as team heel gets a good offence going on Naomi. Bliss is responsible for most of this, showing Natty how to be a proper heel. This is short lived however, as Naomi gets the tag and brings Becky into the ring. Becky is distracted by Natty and a sudden attack on Nikki from Carmella. Alexa gets the rollup on Becky, leading  to a loss to Team Face, as Carmella leaves and Lynch and Naomi are left to comfort Bella.

Winner by Pinfall: Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Tag Team Tournament Round 1: The HeadBangers vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

We get a blast from the past as The Headbangers reenter the ring to try and prevent Heath and Rhyno from progressing in the tournament. They dominate Heath, doing a combo move on him before  slamming Rhyno out of the ring. luckily Rhyno gets back in time to stop the pin and he is… bleeding very heavily from the eye. Wow. The Headbangers are pretty unsafe huh? Heath might be bleeding from the lip, that may have been from Ryhno dragging him across the ring though. Heath tags out and one fitting gore gives Rhyno the pin over The Headbangers, allowing them to progress through the tournament. Rhyno is terrifying busted open.

Winner by Pinfall: Heath Slater and Rhyno

AJ Styles is guest commentating as ‘The Milkman?’ comes out, demanding an opponent to face in the ring. He then removes all his clothes and demands a challenger. Out comes Kane, The Milkman struggles to get his clothes back on before he is chokeslammed by Kane. It’s over. I suppose this squash match was a reminder that Kane exists.

Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose

Why’s Baron Corbin here? Did he get a shot at Ambrose because his best friend Dolph Ziggler did? Corbin fights like a guy who needs promotion which he really does, meanwhile Dean dozes his way through the ring. This is a pretty subpar main event, could you imagine how awesome it would be if it was a hair match? whoever loses has to finally say goodbye to their shit balding hair? That’s whats needed. Corbin completely controls the match, really makes you question how Ambrose is supposed to fight Styles when he can barely keep up with Corbin? Dean hits the same dumb no sell ring rebound attacks before Corbin comes back to the offensive. A distraction from Styles nearly spells the end for Corbin but he kicks out at the last second. Corbin accidentally kicks the ref, disqualifying him and starting a brawl between Styles and Ambrose. I really hope that Styles gets the title at Backlash because I don’t think Ambrose can do much else outside of a Wyatt feud for the title. He paralyses Styles through a testicular rope attack before making a fool of him after putting in zero work the entire match. Sort of devalues the win.

Overall, I’d say while it lacked the huge moments of Raw, Smackdown was a consistantly better show than Raw. Backlash is next week, so things should be heating up for the finish soon enough. I’ll see you next week for the last Smackdown before Backlash.

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