This Week’s Fresh Friday Featured Artitst – Big O


It’s that time of the week again music lovers, where we check out new music by indie artists from all genres, lets kick off the first Fresh Friday for September with Big O.

Big O is a Hip Hop/Punk Rock band hailed from Caldwell, Idaho. Big O’s  Hip Hop is different and has a unique Northwest style to it and is backed with a live band. Big O has headlined a DIY Northwest Tour as well as Co-headlining a DIY Southwest Tour with indie punk band Sheep Among Wolves, and also featured on a single with SXSW’s showcase artist Emma Heartbeat and has shared the stage with Sir Mix-A-Lot.


Big O has just wrapped up the “Nothing is the Same” tour where they toured Canada and played Vanfest. Big O is set to play to a home crowd at 16FEST which kicks off on the 14th September through to the 16th September 2016 at Android House Caldwell.

Big O’s has released his first EP “Nothing is the Same” the 3 tracks are produced by 3 different producers and is recorded with live drums and bass.

Nothing Is The Same EP
It’s Music
That’s Just What It Is
Nothing Is The Same

“The world that we live in and the music that we listen to is constantly changing, will we choose to embrace the change and attempt to better the world, or will we fight the change? We know one thing, Nothing is the Same” – Big O


Nothing Is The Same‘ EP’s tracks are distinctly different but they all have that very unique fusion of hip hop and puck rock, it is refreshingly different in a world where hip hop is becoming very generic, the mixing, the live drums and the bass on the tracks are awesome and Big O’s rap and lyrics are also refreshing, they are about life not violence or killing people. Big O definitely deserves a spot in your playlist! I have included one of the tracks below and links.





Big O Bandcamp Page

Big O Facebook Page

Big O Twitter Account



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