Jumanji And Dr. Indiana “Bravestone” Johnson

Wow! Did you check out The Rock as his new character in Jumanji? The Smoldering “Dr. Bravestone”! As a big fan of Dwayne Johnson, of course I’m one of his followers on Instagram and about twelve hours ago, he shared with us this first glimpse of his character in concept art for the movie Jumanji!

Don’t you think he looks like he would be playing a character in an Indiana Jones sequel instead? Grant it, he makes the outfit look great I’m not quite sure where this new Jumanji sequel will be taking us! Now we all loved the first Jumanji and the adventures it took us on as normal suburban neighbors bringing in the unimaginable challenges of battling giant bees, a stampede of large animals, and even evil naughty monkeys! What made the movie fun was the idea that all of these crazy things were happening right in your own backyard.  Similarly, you would get the same feeling like you would while watching “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”!  S

o, with that in mind and looking at the image of Dr. Indiana Bravestone Jones character, I can’t formulate any ideas on the angle this sequel will be coming from.  However, I do know that with Dwayne Johnson’s talent for developing his characters to exhibit the fun, excitement, and adventure with a drop of drama and a dab of comedy, I am more than anxious to see this film on the big screen! I do anticipate it to be available in 3D as parts of Journey to the Center of the Earth were seen, remember the berries and the peck pop? 😂😂 In addition, there will be no way that we won’t be choking on popcorn while watching this flick with a cast to include Kevin Hart, Jack Black, AND the newest addition, Karen Gillan. Movie is due to be released in box offices on July 28, 2017. Mark your calendars!

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