Steven Universe SN4 EP5 – ‘Future Boy Zoltron’

Steven Universe is back at it again in another new episode. This time focusing not on a gem fight but on a few residents in Beach city.

Steven sees Mr.Smiley the resident who owns the great Funland Arcade setting up a mysterious new attraction. This fortune tell who is called Future Boy Zoltron, is reminiscent of Zoltar from the movie Big.

He goes over excited to find out about this new attraction and finds that it isn’t quite as great as is and even ends up breaking it in the process. To compensate Mr.Smiley Steven agrees to dress up as Zoltron and answer questions.

Steven is able to answer many people’s questions with his eager attitude and advice doing wonders for the people who ask for advice. Suddenly a sad man appears before Steven and asks him a question.

He is curious if anything will make him happy and Steven cannot think of an answer as he keeps asking more depressing questions. Steven finally gets him to go away by pretending to be malfunctioning. He wishes he had future sight and that is when Garnet appears.

Garnet has future vision and kissing Steven on the head, she loans it to him for a while. This is a beautiful part of the episode as Steven sees three ways the situation could play out. When the man asks the question Steven however again only sees sadness in his future. The man sighs and reveals himself to be Mr.Frownie and that he is in fact looking for Mr.Smiley.

Earlier in the episode Mr.Smiley said he was once a comedian and it turns out he was part of a duo with the aforementioned Mr.Frownie. At Steven’s urging Mr.Smiley follows Mr.Frownie to the bus stop.

This show is beautiful for many reasons and this episode showcases it. The two old friends talk and their emotions are laid bare. Mr.Frownie just wanted his friend to be serious and Mr.Smiley just wanted his friend to have fun.  It was touching seeing these two characters work out a problem that had been hiding for years.

In a surprising turn of events Mr.Smiley makes his old friend laugh. He says his goodbyes and it is clear that Mr.Frownie has turned a corner. Truly this episode that really just revolved around three characters was great in my book. Steven Universe shows that you can have an episode of a cartoon not be action packed and it will still be great.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode Last one out of Beach City!


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