Batman Arkham VR Teases Death Traps And New Villains


In a little over a month, PS4 owners will finally be able to jump into the world of VR and more importantly become the Batman. There’s little to no gameplay of what we can fully expect when we literally step into Gotham, but who cares it’s Batman in VR!

From what we know, this won’t take place in Rocksteady’s Arkham series, but instead will have you solving some harrowing murder mysteries as the Dark Knight. Rocksteady also showed some behind-the-scenes video, with creative director Sefton Hill stating, “You’re going to meet some different super villains as you play through. You’re gonna get stuck in a deathtrap that you need to figure a way out. We wanted to create a series of different scenes that all felt unique when you played through it, unraveling what’s happening is all part of the mystery.”

From what can be seen in the video below; there’s no mind blowing never-before-seen gameplay, as most of what we can see takes place in the Batcave and is very short, but there is a very small glimpse of Knightwing taking on what seems to be a new adversary. Let’s hope his appearance means there will be some interesting mechanics brought in like they had with the Arkham series.

It’s been reported that this will be a short experience lasting around 2 – 3 hours as it’s intended to give people the sense of being Batman in a way that no Halloween costume or comic book collection ever has.

This may be a short game but after that amount of time in VR, most will welcome the break from having a screen that close to the face and constantly moving. The price doesn’t seem to reflect this short experience, with pre-orders around the same as most triple A titles, but lets face it, that’s a price worth paying to become the Bat.

Batman Arkham VR will available at the launch of the PS VR on October 13th worldwide, and we here at Skatronixxx will be keeping a close eye on all things VR.



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