Margot Kidder Open To Appearing On A DCTV Show But Does Not Like Portrayal Of Lois Lane In The DCEU


Margot Kidder (Superman, Black Christmas), the original Lois Lane from the Christopher Reeves‘ Superman movies did an interview with HeyUGUys, which you can read in its entirety here. She touched on different aspects of Superman‘s history both past and present.

She expressed her interest in appearing on a DC TV show:

“Yeah, sure. Depending on the script or what they wanted me to do. I am 67, I am an old broad now! So I look back at this with much more amusement than I did. I don’t have a career I need to worry about protecting. My life has nothing to do with movies anymore. I live in a little town in Montana and basically do political activism. So I guess it would be fun to fly-in and do a couple of days work.”

She appeared on a couple episodes of Smallville so her appearing on Supergirl would be the best fit of all the DC TV shows. But before we can start speculating on what role or what show she could appear it still remains to be seen if DC would cast her in anything since she had choice words about the current portrayal of Superman in the movies.

When asked about why people prefer her and Christopher Reeves‘ portrayal of Lois Lane and Superman than the current movie offering, she placed part of the blame on the studio’s handling:

“In that sense, it’s so much simpler than the later films made it out to be. I think there was a cynical decision on the part of the studios, which are now owned by multi-national conglomerates just like everything else on the planet. So they would make these artistic decisions by non-artists – guys would want to hit the millennial demographic because they literally make up about one quarter of the population.

Probably, my guess is what happened is when they decided to hit the demographic of the millennials in the later films. I think the directors were good, the actors were good but the basic approach wasn’t there.”

And also her thoughts on the current portrayal of Lois Lane in the DCEU:

“They took one of the best American actresses’ around, Amy Adams, and didn’t give her anything to do! I mean, how stupid is that? They made her what used to be the girlfriend, which kind of ended in the 60s with women’s rights.”

Although I agree with her on how much the studios interference in the artistic decisions hamper a good movie that has been well cast I don’t believe we have seen the same movie when it comes to Lois Lane‘s portrayal. In Man of Steel she uncovered Superman‘s identity even before he was Superman and in Batman vs. Superman she figured out Lex Luthor was behind everything, something that not even Batman figured out completely. Even though Amy Adams could use more screen time she hasn’t been wasted to the extent that Margot Kidder expresses.

Hopefully DC does cast her in some role in one of their shows. She always knocks it out of the park in whatever she plays.




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