The NXT Review – August 31, 2016 – Grumpy Joe Is Grumpy

Whats Up Wrestling Peeps! NXT’s homecoming saw the dawning of a new era. As the New NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura started his Strong Style reign, his TakeOver Brooklyn opponent Samoa Joe was on the receiving end of a rather wooden backstage segment. That further added fuel to growing SmackDown Live debut fire, after Joe left without uttering a word. Leaving GM William Regal looking displeased.

Mmmmh, moody! But more on that later.

You wait nigh on a month for a Tye Dillinger Match, only for two to come along back-to-back. I ain’t complaining because The Perfect 10 was on … well … Perfect form. Coupled with the fact that my favourite NXT Superstar got to perform at TakeOver last week. But I refuse, let me repeat that, refuse to get my hopes up for any iota of a storyline to come for Tye anytime soon. His opponent Buddy Murphy got more character development through Corey Graves explaining that he was looking to one-up his former Tag Team partner Wesley Blake, over any legit development for the under-utilised Heel Bad-Ass.

So you can predict future Gold for Dillinger all you want Graves. But action speaks louder than words NXT … make it so!

Did everyone see that Monday Night RAW promo for the incoming Cruiserweight Division? Alongside the widely reported CWC stars to receive WWE contracts, was NXT own’s Tommaso Ciampa. It stands to reason that WWE would be quick to capitalise on Ciampa and Johnny Gargano’s meteoric rise to prominence, especially with their outstanding Cruiserweight Classic match. But does that mean their days at Full Sail are numbered?

With Gargano seemingly written out of storylines and Ciampa receiving a beatdown at the hands of The Revival. Could this be leading to a ultimate ‘Goodbye‘ Match at a future TakeOver against their nemesis?

I just don’t know … too many uncertainties. Too many Questions, so little answers. Ah Wrestling.

What is certain, when a Superstar enters the ring sporting attire that can be better described as bondage. You’ve got a Heel-Turn on your hands ladies and gentlemen.

Liv Morgan got the win here but lets be clear, she shouldn’t have. I understand the babyface formula of ‘coming from behind‘ to win the match but Aliyah just looked far too impressive for me to believe the end result. For starters her new bad-girl attitude (and bondage attire) saw her dominate the match with superior wrestling skills. But when you sinch-in that submission move, damn. Don’t know what its called but I’m all about it.

And while Liv Morgan has had more TV time, her character is just a Jersey rip off Carmella’s shtick. When she got hyped up and spun around I swear deJaVu kicked in.

Match takeaway? More Aliyah please.

Capping off the evening was the NXT Champ himself, Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Champ wasn’t in action tonight but rather putting his stamp on a new era for NXT, which was probably a good thing given the rather sombre mood Joe was in tonight. Not that man with the wired jaw would get his rematch straight away but how long is that clause in effect?

Damn it! More questions.

But with Alberto Del Rio sitting out the rest of his contract with WWE on the bench. Many have speculated that Samoa Joe has been fast track to take his place has second top-tier-Heel behind Bray Wyatt on SmackDown Live. As per-norm with Pro-Wrestle, speculation comes hand-in-hand with dirt sheets rumours but with Nakamura being positioned to take the reigns from the former champ I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe make his Main Stage debut anytime now. Especially if a rematch takes place before the next TakeOver event.

Until then, Regal will have to put up with the silent grump stalking the halls of Full Sail.


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