Stephen Amell Reveals How He Would Feel If Arrow Was Recast For DCEU


So Stephen Amell has now reveled how he would feel if the Green Arrow was portrayed by another actor whilst doing a panel during Salt Lake City Comic Con and someone even managed to catch it all and upload it to Youtube 

Here’s what Stephen Amell had to say

“I do not have a right to Oliver Queen. Someone played it played it before me. Someone voiced it before me. Somebody will play it after me. I don’t believe that there are plans for Oliver Queen in the DC Extended Universe, based off things that people have told me, but I would not be upset if that changed at all.”

So he has given a good answer here that he is not fussed if they use another actor for the role he plays in the TV series. This may be confusing to some people as about a year ago he mentioned that Grant Gustin should have been used as the movie version of The Flash as well as the TV series but he has now gone back to clarify what he meant by this.

It appears that he was more frustrated at the timing of the announcement of Ezra Miller playing the big screen version of The Flash as it took away from the action that was happening on the small screen.

DC seem to be fond of keeping both the small screen and big screen version of there characters separate with Grant Gustin playing The Flash on the small screen and Ezra Miller for the movies also we have Tyler Hoechlin playing Superman in the Super Girl TV series and Henry Cavill playing the Man Of Steel on the big screen. We have yet to be told if Green Arrow will be included as a big screen adaption and have not yet been advised of an alternative actor who is lined up to take up the role but some DC fans are calling for Matt Damon to take on the role.

So there you have it and as always stick with @Deadpool_1984 only at



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