Fear The Walking Dead SN2 EP10- ‘Do Not Disturb’

An oddly structured episode gave us some of the series best moments yet.

travis-episode 10

For anyone who gave up on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ early on, and let’s face it there were many who quite fairly did, now would certainly be the time to jump back into it. A six episode first season isn’t a brilliant amount of time to establish a good show and characters. It had the existing ‘Walking Dead’ brand to draw from, and an exciting premise, but not much else beyond that. Each passing episode since the beginning however has become progressively better. I feel like I say this every week, and I probably have, but I feel it’s important to say. So often nowadays people are too quick to dismiss things straight away, especially if they don’t meet their ridiculously high expectations. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ was always going to be compared to the main series, which wasn’t necessarily fair, but I feel the show has finally reached a point where it’s good enough to stand up to these comparisons, and that is an exciting prospect indeed.

This episode was a shining example of just how tense the show can be. We split the time between two different groups this week. Chris and Travis alongside some newfound ‘friends’, and Alicia alongside a brutal hotel manager. Honing in on said manager for a beat, she was introduced with a significantly dark past. Given the whole premise of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ was to show the beginning of the outbreak, it felt both wonderful and hurtful when we were presented with a flashback to this moment for the hotel. We’d seen the remnants of a wedding party in last week’s episode and all signs pointed towards things not ending well. I was pleasantly surprised then to see the breakdown of that whole soiree this episode. They didn’t veer away from the sheer horror of it all either. The father of the bride dies, bites the face off his own daughter who’s attempting to give him CPR, before the aforementioned manager and her nephew lock all the guests in the room with Walker Dad. This is the kind of thing the show should have been doing from the start, and I’m worried that that scene was just about as much as we’ll ever get.

If this manager character sticks around for any length of time though, it’ll be interesting to see how she copes psychologically with what she’s done. We already saw her have a partial breakdown when confessing to Alicia, and these are the kinds of conflicts that breed good stories. Will this survival instinct of hers get stronger? Will she buckle under the guilt of what she’s done? Will Alicia keep trusting her now that she knows this isn’t a very trustworthy person? All intriguing possibilities, so I’m just hoping they don’t kill her off straight away.

Speaking of Alicia, this episode continued to build on her badass within. We’ve seen the actress (Alycia Debnam Carey) perform brilliantly as a powerful leader over on The 100, and it’s the kind of character I want to see her become on this show. She’s probably the character with the least amount of baggage and is essentially a blank canvas to work on, so the writers have a real and increasingly likely chance to make her the star of the show. There are very few characters that people root for on this show, but to have at least one that’s truly awesome would be a treat indeed.

The odd thing about the structure of this episode was that Alicia’s part was solely focused on what she was doing. Last week’s episode ended on a cliff-hanger, with Ofelia missing and Maddison and Strand surrounded by Walkers. It was odd then for the show to skip over these things to show us Maddison and Strand alive and hiding at the end of the episode. It looks as though we’ll get to witness their great escape next episode, but tricks like this somewhat cheapen the effect of the show’s major drawing point, death. These stunts have been pulled on ‘The Walking Dead’, wherein a main character is thought to be dead, and we get to run into a walker that just so happens to look extremely similar to them, clothing and all. I’m certainly not a fan of these moments, but when they did this with Maddison last night I actually thought for a moment they could have actually killed her. This speaks to how tense the episode was, making me fear for just about everyone’s safety.

Elsewhere the episode finally saw us catch up with Travis and Chris. Their interactions were more of the same. Chris showing some eerily adept killing skills, and Travis trying to squash these down in fear of losing his son. It was enjoyable to see the father-son dynamic play out through the early parts of the episode as both were having fun in each other’s company, Travis even teaching Chris how to drive. It was with the introduction of a trio of new character’s that things started to go further downhill for the pair. The show did a brilliant job of making us want to trust these guys, but not quite doing so. They didn’t seem bad per se, just their intentions were never clear.

Chris certainly warmed to them though, as he took a big step to becoming either the best survivor on the show, or its newest villain. Maybe both? After finding an isolated farm and attempting to corral its Chickens, the group soon found they were in the company of a gun wielding farmer. I was shocked by how this scene played out. I didn’t expect the farmer to make it out of there alive, but I certainly didn’t expect Chris to be the one to pull the trigger. Not yet anyway. Seems he’s further up Mt Crazy than we thought.

This was a truly action packed episode, so other highlights include:

  • I’ve been wanting to do a ‘Zombie Kill Of The Week’ but there hasn’t been much opportunity to do so. I’m confident now however that every episode will feature at least one Walker kill, so here goes:

Zombie Kill of the Week: ‘Are you my Mummy?’- Alicia, Maddison lookalike walker.


  • That elevator sequence was brilliantly shot. It perfectly captured the sense of chaos that would be present in such a situation, and it gets double points for being a kind of action sequence we’ve not really seen before on either show.
  • It was initially jarring when it was night time when we first cut to Alicia, given we last saw her during the day, but it also makes a lot of sense. TV often speeds situations up to move the story along, but it makes sense that Alicia’s problems wouldn’t be resolved in a matter of minutes. It also further improved her stock as a great survivalist, as she demonstrated brilliant planning in escaping the Walkers.
  • There are still so many questions looming after this episode. Where is Ofelia? Given we now know there are other guests in the hotel, perhaps she’s been held hostage by one. Also, what was that look on Maddison’s face after Alicia made it to her? It didn’t seem like the relieved face of a parent to me. Perhaps something has happened to her…

Overall another great episode then for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’. The structure was a bit off, with the decision not to show what happened to Maddison and Strand to instead employ cheap tricks an extremely questionable one. Nevertheless, this episode was high on action and gave us some truly character defining moments. We’re now faced with a murderous Chris. A Travis unsure what to do about said murderous Chris. And an evolving Alicia who just might be in line to become the next Rick Grimes. In any case I’m sure at least some of this will be addressed in next week’s episode, whilst giving us plenty more to think about as well.



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