Katie Cassidy To Appear Regularly On Arrow Season 5?


Katie Cassidy (Arrow, Supernatural) said at Salt Lake City Comic-Con that she would be appearing in Arrow‘s season 5 premiere “Legacy”. She has also made it very clear to those present that she is more than likely to appear in the other CW DC Comics shows (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl). She has recently signed a contract that allows her to do so. She is one of the few, besides John Barrowman (Arrow, Dr. Who, Torchwood) and Wentworth Miller (Legends of Tomorrow, Prison Break), to have received such a contract.

Since Laurel Lance and therefore the Black Canary were killed during the battle with Damian Darkh (Neil MC Donough) and H.I.V.E. in season 4 it is unlikely we would see her in the present day and more likely to see her in flashbacks or memories from others. Although dead doesn’t necessarily mean dead in the DC Universe, but that aside.

As the big bad of season 4 is now defeated all can deal with the sudden death of Laurel Lance and what impact that has had on their lives. So if everything is wrapped up with the aftermath of Laurel’s death we might close that the Laurel Lance chapter on Arrow.

 I am curious to find out though what Laurel said to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) with her dying breath. We are bound to find that out in the upcoming season. Although somethings might linger on a bit longer than just season 5. Who knows? To be continued….

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