KillJoys SN2 EP10 – ‘Season Finale’

Yes! I binge watched! Had to, so that I could get caught up to date for last Fridays’ Season Finale, “How to Kill Friends and Influence People”. The story picks up with Dutch’s memory of Khlyen (Rob Stewart) telling Yala a story that she must remember because this is how it all began.

On Lucy they bring Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) around to the realization that Pawter (Sarah Power) is dead.
Johnny drinks his sorrows away with Dutch’s medicine. She tells him that whatever he wants to do, bring Delle Seyah to justice, or run away, she calls shotgun. Johnny tells her that grieving is for winners and they haven’t won yet. Lucy lets the moment go by, and then interrupts with the news that D’Avins’ heart rate is up significantly. They run to the hold to find D’Av (Luke Macfarlane) holding Fancy Lee (Sean Baek) down and begging him to go all explode-y. Black Root members get on board Lucy, unknown to her, since their tech is exotic. They want Khlyen, but Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) offers them a dreadnought in their eye. Khlyen (Rob Stewart) enters and shoots them with darts of toxin, made after studying D’Av. They die. Khlyen offers the team a chance to save the Quad, to join him in one glorious suicide mission.

Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) gets a bit squeamish about the black goo resulting from the deaths of the Black Root members getting all over her decks, while Fancy Lee is dragging the bodies out. D’Av shuts the door behind him, lol. Johnny tells her he will hose her down once they have the analysis of the goop. Why is it ALWAYS GOOP? Lol.

Khlyen and Dutch have a little quiet time, during which Khlyen explains why he wants Dutch to kill his daughter. Aneela was quite young when she was exposed to the green plasma, and because a young person’s pre-frontal cortex is not developed enough yet, youngsters will either die, or go crazy as Aneela did. The burning question in Dutch’s mind is why she looks like Aneela. He doesn’t know. He does know that the Hollin are coming. And the Quad is not safe. So what are the Hollin? A neuro-parasitic race living in the green goo that takes over the host, and is bent on taking over the known universe. Khlyen is now Hollin, but quite obviously not entirely. All he has done since Yala was a child, we now know, has been with the aim of stopping the Hollin.

The Hollin offered the ancestors of the Nine a deal – immediate annihilation or eventual assimilation. The Nine took Door Number 2, and what has happened, is happening, on Westerly is only a part of the silent invasion. But the toxin that Khlyen has come up with will kill the green stuff; and if they kill the goop on Arkyn, it will mean that the Hollin will have no reason to come to the Quad, and the Quad will be safe. Dutch agrees to the mission, because these parasites need to be killed and she is good at killing. “Let’s go piss in Arkyn’s pool “. A side benefit will be that if they kill the main source, all its spawn will also die. Because the parasite is always connected to itself. (The interconnectedness of all things? Lolol. Sorry, channeled my inner Dirk Gently there for a second). The memory of Scarbacks being killed that D’Av hijacked from Khlyen was that of a raiding party, attacking Arkyn for a tree that Khlyen grew in the original Arkyn plasma. They need to find that tree.Killjoys - Season 2
Dutch goes looking for answers on where that tree might be at the monastery on Leith. She and Alvis (Morgan Kelly) discover a star map in the Sacred Book that is at the monastery, in the grid that the old Scarbacks used to line up the text. They set course for the Crow Nebula, where the elite store their valuables at Archive, a highly secure storage facility. Hmmmm, sounds a little bit Gringott-y does it not? How to get in? Khlyen starts making plans for a stealth mission, but Dutch stops him in his tracks. He either does it her way – straight Killjoy mission – get in, get dirty, get out – or he can stay put. Since Yala is a runaway Queen after all, they will go in the front door. What could go wrong?

In Old Town, Delle  Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) has had her men dig through the rubble at Springhill to find her something; they were successful. She demands they bring it to her, and find her another doctor, since she got stabby with the last one. Khlyen transmits a message to her, that his people are on the way, the timetable has been stepped up and she needs to get rid of the Killjoys. Then she’ll get her reward. She asks where and when.

Killjoys - Season 2

On the approach to Archive, Lucy complains about the condescending tone of the docking matrix. Johnny advises her to fly like a rich bitch. The Archive Keeper welcomes Yala, and commiserates about the fortune of her family. Yala tells him their fortune is changing. She and Khlyen enter the office while her “body men” stay in reception under guard. And hey,  Dej Serafan (Richard Howland) is even somewhat Gringott-y in stature. He tells them about the levels of security and offers the Gold Package, the ultimate in breach proof security, something quite special. D’Av and Fancy Lee take care of the guards. Fancy says “I didn’t hate what you did there”. D’Av replies “keep it in your pants, but ditto”. Fancy says “Accept it Jaqobis, I am physiologically superior” D’Av shoots back “Settle down, you’re a Six not a Ten”. And they let the scanner balls go to map the floor plan. Lucy matches Dutch’s DNA to Aneela’s vault. Dutch can now access Aneela’s vault. Dutch has successfully opened her own account, and they tell the Dej that they will pick a vault another time. The Dej stops them by telling them that the last level of security is him, and he thinks they are off. Guards enter the office, Dutch fights, Khlyen and Dej Serafan sit back and watch. The Dej tells Khlyen that he has an explosive connected to his heart rate, and it would be inadvisable to kill him. Khlyen joins the fight, and helps mop up. And off they go to Aneela’s vault, while the Banker sips tea.

Meanwhile, D’Av and Fancy Lee are having some fun of their own that results in them getting pinned down. Dutch gets Aneela’s vault open, and voila! There’s the tree of their desire. But oops, they have tripped that quite special security feature. Aneela’s vault is now headed for a sun, a porthole has opened and things are heating up in there.

Lucy warns about ships attempting to lock onto her. They evade. D’Av and Fancy get out of their tight spot by using Fancy as a human shield. Khlyen gives the toxin to Dutch and then tries to pull off some crystal voodoo on the security panel when he can’t figure out the override code. That destroys the panel, and closes the portal that the sunlight is pouring through, but burns his hand. He has Dutch empty a vial of the toxin in the trees’ pool. It doesn’t work. He had no original pure plasma to test the toxin against.

Johnny is still trying to get rid of his pursuers, and pilots Lucy into the Death Star, lol. “Shitballs and Bitchsticks!” may become one of my favorite expletives. And there is a reference to Top Gun as they are being blasted at by a machine gun turret. “We’re buzzing that damn tower!” “Negative John, the pattern is full”. And the two Black Root ships go down.
Lucy has finished analyzing the black stuff that leaked out of the Black Root members onto her deck. It will kill the green plasma. So, they need to infect a Six and then bleed him into the pool. Khlyen wants to infect himself, but Dutch doesn’t want him to. They struggle over the toxin, and Khlyen tells her that Aneela is coming, and if he kills the plasma she won’t have reason to come to the Quad. Not because he cares about the Quad, but because he cares about Dutch, his second chance at getting fatherhood right.Khlyen
The Hollin will take over eventually, and he only would have turned Dutch into a Hollin to keep her with him. His choices were to train her to survive the mental transition, or to lose her like Aneela, until D’Av gave him the third choice. And now he chooses to set her free. He dies as they recite the childhood bedtime story together, and bleeds out into the pool, killing it. But, there is more green out there in the J, and the Hollin and Aneela will use it.
And now Dutch and Johnny are back on the ship, and it is Johnny doing the comforting. Being a shoulder is Johnny’s second favorite job – his first is being Dutch’s drinking buddy. They go for drinks at the Royale, where Johnny flashes back on Pawter’s death. Pree refuses Johnny’s money, remarking that it’s no good here. Johnny and Pree have a shot of Pawter’s favorite, and damn near choke on it… Damn that girl could drink! Johnny leaves to get some air, and asks Pree to tell Dutch and D’Av that he needs some space.

Johnny meets up with Delle Seyah in an alley. It was him who sent her the Khlyen message. He takes his revenge, telling her that he didn’t do it for the people, he’s not a hero. He just loved Pawter. And YES, I CHEERED! I sure hope she’s dead, coz he left while she was still breathing.

And now he has to leave the team, people will be looking for him. He can’t bring that kind of shit down on Dutch and D’Av. He covers his tracks, booking passage on a bunch of different ships going to different places. Lucy won’t let him go until he explains. She worries that it is something she did, but Johnny tells her roughly what happened. She forgives him. She opens the doors, and says goodbye. Clara (Stephanie Leonidas), she of the gun arm, is waiting for him in the hold having been called by Lucy. And she calls shotgun for the road trip. The ship they steal was Khlyens’ Black Root ship.

Fancy meets up with Dutch and D’Av in the Royale, regular human asshole again. All Sixes made with Arkyn plasma are reverted to human.

Aneela is still out there. The Killjoys have two choices now. Take the local win and hope the fight doesn’t come back to them, die old and boring in their beds. Or take the chance that Pawter and Khlyen bought them. Make their deaths count. There’s more plasma, more Hollin, and Aneela won’t stop. Dutch doesn’t want one battle, she wants the whole bloody war. Who’s in?

Killjoys - Season 2

I’m not certain I will be in for the third season though, if there is one. Quite frankly, I feel like it left fun behind, ventured into silly at times, and got downright depressing at other times (like this finale, and episode  9). Perhaps what I will do is watch the Season 3 Premiere and decide from there. What do you think? Did you enjoy this season? Should there be a Season 3? Will Aaron Ashmore be back if there is?

Credit to SyFy; Killjoys Productions Ltd; Christos Kalohoridis;  Ian Watson for some of the pics



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