Killjoys SN2 EP8 – ‘Full Metal Monk’

Killjoys - Season 2

When last we saw Killjoy Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), he was confined to a glow-y cage at Springhill, having met with Jelco (Pascal Langdale) and his merry band of thugs. And the burning question was, “Who will get him out?”. Well, in Full Metal Monk, that question was answered when Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) went to visit him. And tear a strip for lying to his team, and nearly getting their license revoked. Johnny offers his last intact rib, but Dutch is not amused. He defended himself: Pawter has her thing, which is Old Town, and Westerly and Walls, and you, you have yours which is Sixes and Khylen and Sabine. I am in love with Pawter”. Dutch allows as how since she killed Sabine, and Khylen left her another red box, they are both in a hard place right now, she just didn’t think he would be part of hers. Dutch calls Pawter, and leaves.Turin (Patrick Garrow) and D’Av (Luke Macfarlane) track down a Six in Old Town, and D’Av discovers a new superpower – he can explode eyeballs.

explode-y eyeballs
Pawter (Sarah Power) faces a smarmy Jelco down in style… “Your hands are the first things I will have them take, for hitting him. But I will make them leave your eyes so you can watch me spit down on your grave. I am not your hostage anymore, Jelco, I am your liege. Deny me again and I will use the full strength of Land Simms to step on you like the sycophantic bug that you are”. Jelco nearly wets himself, not so much in fear, lol. And just like that, Johnny is released. Pawter, with Johnny’s help, tests everything inside Old Town for some sort of toxin. But find nothing. Pawter knows that whatever it is, the wall will probably activate it. Meanwhile, Jelco is dealing with another hardnosed woman, Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen), who tells him to activate the wall.

With some information from Olan (Ricardo Hoyos), obtained after he has attacked and tried to kill his brother like a Six, and then had a further hissy fit when Dutch mentioned Aneela, Dutch, D’Av and Alvis (Morgan Kelly) set off for Arkyn.

Johnny notices that no-one in Old Town has lost weight. How are people eating? Pree (Thom Allison) asks Johnny to name one prison where guards don’t smuggle in contraband. Aha! It’s in the food! And they’re off to find the supplier. The supplier is Carl (Jameson Kraemer), the Company Guard from the prison wing with the mummified corpses. Pawter tests the food, but it’s only vegetables, gluten and rat meat. Carl throws up a little, and mutters “gluten!”. But there are special rations coming. Back at the Royale, people are acting a bit strange. And so is Pree, and eventually Pawter and Johnny, who enjoy a little down time in her old office above the Royale when they should be working on figuring it out.

Arune (Shamier Anderson), the only council member who is on her side and whom she has invited to meet her so she can give him the proof of the Company’s (and therefore Delle Seyah Kendry’s) misdeeds, enters and thinks maybe they are high on Jack. Johnny agrees that they feel high, Arune has his guard watch the door. But Jelco gets in, kills Arune after killing the guard, and gets blackmail pictures of Pawter and Johnny with the dead Arune. Johnny and Pawter now just don’t care. The wall controls and manipulates emotion, turning all the inhabitants into happy and complacent inhabitants! Jelco exits, leaving Pawter and Johnny with the last pieces of that puzzle – Delle Seyah Kendry is behind it all and they were right, the toxin IS in the rations.
D’Av asks Alvis to “monk him up a bit”, so that he can control what he can control. Alvis tells him to maybe start with not wishing death on anyone.

On Arkyn, Dutch, D’Av and Alvis find another of Khlyen’s safe houses, only it isn’t. It’s an elevator. A scary elevator that only listens to Dutch. At the bottom, they at first find only dust and junk, and then dusty junk. Alvis remarks that he’s tired of hearing about D’Av’s dusty junk. Then they find bodies, and a prototype Six lab. Alvis finds an ancient Monk, and a prototype of the Wall. The monk is one of the legendary 12 who went to Arkyn to fight the Devil. And he tries to kill Dutch, since he thinks she is Aneela, the Devil. He’s pretty spry for an old guy. D’Av goes all eyeball explode-y and Alvis reminds him about the quiet place that snipers know, which helps D’Av to not explode the monks’ eyeballs. They get a piece of the puzzle from the monk, and then they do him the service that he begs of them, to kill him. So what was this all-important piece of the puzzle? Aneela is Khlyen’s daughter.
D’Av and Dutch, after dropping Alvis off on Leith, and now that they know what the wall does, since Lucy has been able to analyze the prototype, rush back to Westerly on learning that Johnny and Pawter are not on Q’Resh.
I am getting fairly worried about Pawter and Johnny. I can just see that something is coming down the line for her, and I am damn certain it won’t be good!

Here’s the next episode trailer “Johnny Be Good”.

Credit to SyFy; Killjoys II Productions Ltd.; Steve Wilkie  for some of the pics


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