Review of Croak #1


As summer reaches an end, fall approaches quickly, along with the cold air, colourful leaves and the realisation that winter is coming. It also means Halloween,  making a great atmosphere for reading horror comics.

Croak #1 starts off like a typical horror film from the 80’s or 90’s involving teenagers. Three friends are going camping. There is some friction between 2 of the friends and things are forgotten in their vehicle forcing them to camp good hours walk away without cover in an unfamiliar area.

I can’t say much more without spoiling the story. Croak is a slower paced first issue that could leave you uninterested if not for the ending. It is certainly the highlight of the comic and worth waiting for.

Many people say that you have only one issue to hook a reader. While I understand that mentality, I think it’s ridiculous. I usually give a new comic three issues to determine if I want to support the book unless the first one is complete garbage. I honestly just need enough to carry me to the next issue. The reason I give a series a chance like this is there are so many ways to tell a story, and everyone is different. To say one issue or bust is unfair and not logical.

croak 3

I’m not sure where writer Cody Andrew Sousa is going with croak story wise all I know is it has a lot of possibilities, and I like that a lot. It makes the reader think between issue releases, and that’s what you want a comic to do.

The art by Francesco Iaquinta and the colours by Chris O’Halloran  certainly fits the type of story that’s being told. While their art is nothing ground breaking or different but it is done decently, this isn’t slight against their hard work just an observation.

Overall this is a slightly above average issue with a story that has the potential to be excellent. It’s certainly worth seeing what is going to happen next in issue 2.


You can pick up Croak #1 for $2.99usd on Comixology 

Croak #2 will be released October 5th, 2016

Check out The Croak Twitter account: @CROAKcomic

Follow writer Cody Andrew Sousa on Twitter as well: @WhyImCAS



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