Supernatural Brings Back a Fan Favorite


Remember Aaron Bass?  If you said no… Shame on you!  He’s one of my favorite SPN secondary characters… and I just love Adam Rose.   He appeared in 8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler.  Need a refresher?  Okay… sure… I’ll help ya out…

Nobody gets Dean that flustered…Ever.  I was ecstatic to hear the news today (thanks Mireille!) that Adam Rose was coming back to The Show to play our favorite Hitler hating, golum owning, bacon loving Jew.


I mean, there’s been whispers and hints, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to do it… you know, bring Adam back.  But apparently, the writers are even more creative than we thought.  Aaron is coming back to help Sam and Dean fight Hitler again in episode 5 of the new season that starts October 13th on The CW.  I just hope he brings his golum too.

Rose has made appearances on other television shows like Bones, Castle, NCIS: New Orleans, and IZombie, and was a regular on Veronica Mars.  I’ve even seen him recently in some really cute yogurt commercials.  Adam is also a very talented vlogger!  You should check out his YouTube channel here.

With every little sneak peek they give us, I get more and more excited for Season 12…and Hellatus seems longer and longer.  Quick someone remind me how many more days til October 13th.


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