What Are Ya Playin? With Auburn.Geek


Hi peeps! I’m continuing the new games article segment “What are ya playin?”, started by our very own Stark! If you guys have been following my instagram page(@auburn.geek) you probably already know I’ve been on an epic Pokémon frenzy. It all started when I downloaded Pokémon Go on my phone and started playing it. I soon noticed that even though Pokémon Go does have it’s appeal, the “real” Pokémon games offer so much more for an intensive gamer like myself. Long story short, I had only reached level 6 on Pokemon Go when I pretty much abandoned it and started playing some of my old Pokémon DS games like Pokémon Diamond and Soul silver.


Then We got really into it with my husband and bought another Nintendo 3DS just so we could play Pokémon together! We played Pokémon X&Y together and then we bought Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and played them together too. Such an awesome experience to play these amazing games with your loved one! Last but not least I ordered Pokémon Black&white 2 games from e-bay and now er´re playing them through. Of these games i loved X&Y most, this surprised me since I’m usually leaning towards older games but damn is Game Freak doesn’t know what they´re doing! Pokémon series seems to get better and better by every new release. This makes me so happy. I’ve put over 250 hours on Playing Pokémon these past few months, that might sound like too much but you know what they say, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time! Can’t wait for Sun and Moon, which we of course have pre-ordered.

Play with passion!




  1. Pokemon Go could be so much more, perhaps it will be in time but I’ve gone back to Legend of Zelda: Link between worlds until Sun & Moon come out ( my other half has dibs on Sun :p )


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