JK “Comissioner Gordon” Simmons Has Finished His Work For Justice League


I am so excited to see how JK Simmons portrays the beloved DC Comics character James Gordon. This character is someone who has always been portrayed by amazing actors at least in the last two live action appearance.

Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight Trilogy will be a hard Commissioner to beat in this writer’s humble opinion. His portrayal was just astounding. Ben McKenzie is currently playing a younger Commissioner Gordon and doing a stellar job. He is certainly growing into the Commissioner Gotham needs.

If anyone can uphold the honor of this mantle it is definitely JK Simmons. This man is a talented and wondrous actor. He brings this powerful energy to every role he performs. He is also already in fantastic shape so putting him in a super hero movie is a perfect fit.

He has finished filming for Justice League which is already shaping up to be an amazing film. I am so ready to see the DC Heroes join together like the Avengers. It really has been a long time coming.

JK Simmons being so humble has also praised Zack Snyder for his creation of the Justice League movie. If JK Simmons approves who am I to say anything but I am down to see this film as soon as I am able!

The Justice League comes together on June 14, 2019 and even though that is about three years a way I say bring it on!


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