TNA Impact Wrestling: Moose Prototype Or Hype?

moosetnaPro Wrestling, and football has gone hand and hand for decades. Who could forget the infamous WWE vs. NFL Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 2. Players stepped into the squared circle for many reasons; some for extra income during the off season, injuries, many wanted to stay in the lime light after life on the grid iron. For some, they just loved  wrestling.

We’ve seen many come for pay, and leave an impact. While a select few became superstars.  Ron Simmons,  “Big Cat”   Ernie   Ladd,   “Hacksaw”  Jim Duggan, and Vader paved the way for the    likes   of  Goldberg,    and     The Rock. Now theres Moose.


Quinn “Moose” Qjinnaka, 6′ 5 299 pound former offensive lineman; known for his time with the Atlanta Falcons. Moose, currently signed with TNA got his his start in 2012 after being cut by the St. Louis Rams, receiving his training by former WWE star Curtis Hughes.

After training, Qjinnaka  was  highly sawed      after      by       GFW,   TNA, Lucha  Underground,   ROH  and WWE. GFW    won    the    sweepstakes    only partially, and  for a limited time with Moose signing an exclusive deal with ROH in 2014. Tasting success for two years at ROH, Moose was once again a free agent.

Wrestling fans were close to seeing Moose in WWE, with fellow NFL alumnus Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley), and Thomas Pestock (Baron Corbin).

Unfortunately this did not come into fruition, Qjinnaka was arrested back in 2009 for domestic violence after fighting his then wife. WWE figured at the time of signing Quinn would of been unwise during the ongoing Adam Rose and Jerry Lawler situation. With that Moose made his TNA debut on July 12th 2016.

Moose was thrust into major story line with    former    ROH    standout   Mike Bennett,  and  TNA  World  Champion Lashley. In his first couple of matches, Moose has shown great agility, speed, and skill. In time his “mike” presence will continue to grow, building off his NFL swagger. The question is, can Moose stay mentally focused, and discipline to survive in the square circle. If  he  does Moose  will  be  the prototype  for  the future “Big Man” in pro wrestling.


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