Godzilla Is To Return From The Deep In A NEW Animated Movie

Tokyo smashing, fire breathing giant lizard we have grown to love has been on the big screen for years. Starting with badly dubbed voiceovers and men crammed in hard to maneuver costumes, 1970s TV cartoon animated series by Hannah Barberra, to 20th century special effects, making him look even more life-like than before.

hanna_barbera_toho_godzilla_1978-500x371 godzilla

(So, not either of these guys :p )

Our Kaiju with the attitude is now going to be making his way back to the animated world. And this time not as goofy or corny as the 1970s cartoon. (you know, the one with Godzookie) It appears that the animated artist will be no other than Tokyo’s Polygon Pictures, who are the ones behind such anime as Ghost in the Shell, (nice) and will be more CG animation than hand drawn.

I think this is super fantastic, I am huge Godzilla fan and can’t wait to watch this with my son, who is also a huge fan. We have watched and own every single movie/show out there of him so yeah, we kind of like the big guy. I just hope they keep with tradition and not go with silly ‘let’s make Godzilla our friend’ crap as they did in the old cartoons. I liked those and all too but, this is Godzilla, he needs to destroy and fight monsters…. It’s what he was made to do ^_^


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