Joe Manganiello Is Deathstroke In The New Batman Movie

Following on from the footage Ben Affleck (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Argo, Gone Girl) released on Twitter last week, The Wall Street Journal confirmed in an interview with Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment president and chief creative office) that Joe Manganiello (Spider-Man, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother) will be taking the role of Deathstroke for the solo Batman movie.


Although initially beginning his fictional biography an an arch enemy of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has come up multiple times to face other characters in the DC Universe. He’s a fan favourite, and was well received in the TV series Arrow.

Manganiello himself is clearly very excited, as his Tweet has shown – complete with Twitter header of the test footage Deathstroke.


Whilst there’s been no comment on whether he’ll make an appearance for the Justice League movies, to have him introduced to the DC Extended Universe via Ben Affleck’s solo run at the dark knight is an impressive introduction – and the brief test footage shows an incredible costume.


The untitled Batman reboot currently has no release date, however the Justice League movie is set to hit cinemas in 2017.


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