John Schaech Of ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Wants To Play Wolverine


Let’s just get this out there, I don’t think anyone could accept anyone else playing the role accept for Hugh Jackman. He has owned this role for so long, and I have mad respect for this actor who actually stuck with it. No matter how small or big his part, he has always been a part of the X-Men universe and always been the Wolverine.


But there was an announcement by the actor John Schaech, while being interviewed at the Heroes and Villains convention, that he would like to play the part of the X-Man with the anger problems: “If I could play any character, it’d be Wolverine.” Apparently Jackman’s Wolverine inspired Mr. Schaech to start acting. Interesting wouldn’t you think?


John Schaech will be returning this next season of Legends of Tomorrow, his role being again that of the mangled-faced gunslinger Jonah Hex. Which, if you ask me, is perfect for him. Jonah kind of has his own attitude problems and will be good practice for future roles should there ever be a need to redo the Wolverine genre. ^_^


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