The Doctor To Fly His T.A.R.D.I.S. Onto Family Guy


‘Family Guy’ is well known for their very adult humor and has had their share of special guest appearances. This time it looks like they are going a little more wibbly wobbly route with the fan fav Timelord, the tenth Doctor, with the proper voice of our beloved David Tennant! (*Girly squeals*)

But my lovelies, don’t get your panties all tasseled yet, it appears to be just a cameo, not like they are doing the whole episode ‘Who’ style or anything like that.


It’s basically the Griffins sitting on the couch watching TV, and they are watching an episode of Docor Who. You see the TARDIS, Ten and Rose, she is running up saying that they need to get to the 21st century because the aliens are attacking. Well, Ten won’t let them into the TARDIS just yet. Rose yet again tries to push the urgency of them needing to leave now, and the Doctor says for them to hold on while he opens the door and fans out the TARDIS, hinting that he may have dropped a pant bomb in there. (LOL)

I will post a link here at the bottom of the scene if you all want a glimpse of the Doctor’s cameo appearance or just want to hear Tennant speak as the Doctor again. ^_^



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