The Oft-Kilter Romantic Comedy Manga Nisekoi Has Ended And Why It’s Worth The Read/Watch

The manga Nisekoi or False Love by Naoshi Komi is something that I have really enjoyed despite it not really being something I may have read when I first started watching Anime and reading Manga. As I have aged I have discovered so many different genres within these areas and have found enjoyment reading ones that caught my eye.

This romantic comedy about teenage love is something that was really fun to read. The characters all had their own thoughts and feelings that were clearly understood. Raku was a seemingly normal guy who just so happened to attract sweet ladies and that is part of what makes this so funny.

This story has many different facets of interesting ideas that play throughout the story. First of all Raku and Chitoge are of different sides of the same criminal coin. Raku is the son of a Japanese mobster and Chitoge is the daughter of more standard mobster. When these two are forced to date each other to make a treaty between families of course comedy ensues.

Raku and Chitoge have this big secret that they keep from everyone for a long while until eventually it is spilled. Of course this leads to drama as now Raku is really a free agent. Though that doesn’t mean everyone knows, it really is only the core group.

Amidst all this Raku is in love with his childhood friend Onodera. Eventually other women from his past like the sickly and jubilant Marika, Yui the head of the Char Siu mafia and Chitoge’s body guard Tsugumi come into the picture. Raku has no idea at first that they were all friends in the past during one magical summer.

This story intertwines these different characters because they were all once really good friends even if it was just for a short time. The idea of love is tied to a locked pendant Raku wears on his neck. Each of the women besides Tsugumi carries a key which may or may not unlock this pendant.

I really enjoyed this story because there were so many ways it could have ended. Though I would have been happier if another character had ended up with Raku I am also happy that he ended up with who he ended up with. Now I won’t go and spoil the ending for you, so you may be inclined to read all 229 chapters of this splendid manga.

If you enjoy, romantic comedy, sweets, mobsters, and an often times dramatic love story then you should check out this manga. Naoshi Komi is a wild and creative man who really has made something beautiful and really just give it a shot. I am excited to see what this man has in store for us with whatever manga he whips up next.


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