The Walking Dead Season 7 ‘Negan’ Trailer And Promo Pictures


A new trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ focused completely on Negan (a.k.a the sadistic psychopath set to make all our lives a misery this October) has been released by AMC.

The trailer offers a few snippets of new footage, giving us short glimpses at how the Saviours are going to operate, as well as their base ‘The Sanctuary’. The trailer reinforces the idea that Negan is revered by his followers, with shots of Saviours kneeling down as he walked by. There were also a few shots of the Kingdom crew in there, currently incorporating Carol and Morgan, suggesting it might not be long before the two factions go up against each other.

Whilst it didn’t show us much, the trailer certainly helped further sell Negan as a significant threat going into this new season. The particularly ominous line “I am everywhere” should be enough to give anyone chills, and we can be sure our heroes aren’t gonna get any rest from this guy any time soon.

As well as this new trailer, AMC also released a slew of new promo pictures for the show. Again they don’t tell us much, but they tell us enough. There will be plenty of new locations in this upcoming season, as we get to know more about the inhabitants of The Kingdom, The Sanctuary and even The Hilltop. They even gave us a gruesome look at how The Saviours enjoy decorating their base.

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Photo Credit: AMC

So it’s clear the wait is almost over, but given we’re about to lose a beloved character i’m not sure I want it to be.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23rd 10pm on AMC, then one day after in the UK on Monday, October 24th 9pm on Fox.


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