You’re The Worst SN3 EP2 – ‘Fix Me, Dummy’


The second episode the third season of You’re the Worst begins with our friends Jimmy and Gretchen sitting on the couch. Jimmy has just sent out his book proposal to the publisher and gets a celebratory handy from his lady.

Jimmy goes into see the therapist with Gretchen, Gretchen is not up to therapy. But she is tasked to do one thing and Jimmy suggests she finally open the mail she has been putting off opening.

Lindsay stabbed Paul at the end of the last episode. Now, she is working to heal him and she clearly is not happy that he is such a whiner. She dumps the pills in her purse and heads out to see her friends.

Gretchen says she is quitting therapy because she was given homework. Clearly something else is bothering her, she just needs to face whatever it is head on.

Edgar gives Jimmy’s notes on his book proposal. But Jimmy won’t hear them as he just wanted Edgar’s praise.

Gretchen heads back to tell her therapist she is quitting therapy. The therapist reads through her bullshit and knows that she will regret her decision. In a beautiful moment she makes Gretchen think show weakness which she isn’t likely to do. Gretchen is such a visceral character and she clearly knows she needs help which is why this is such a poignant scene.

Jimmy begins fixing his piece with a bit of help from Edgar though he doesn’t want to admit it. He is upset that Edgar let Dorothy read his work which he says has already been sent in.

Gretchen and Lindsay sit outside the therapist’s office and eat Paul’s pills. Gretchen wants to egg her house but eventually falls asleep. When the therapist comes out Gretchen reveals she hates feeling vulnerable. With some talk about the therapist’s own problems with her boyfriend’s locking things down she makes Gretchen reevaluate stopping therapy.

Jimmy sits outside the moving truck with a group of people and talks about his book. His book is a little too above them but he does learn a little. Jimmy is the kind of guy who thrives on the big ideas. He wants to write the next classic and is often not totally honest with himself. But clearly he just wants to feel appreciated.

This was another great episode of You’re the Worst. Gretchen is clearly going to work on herself this season, and that is wonderful. I really do enjoy seeing characters especially one so set in her ways initially growing as a person.

Edgar helps the homeless veterans make signs to change their lives. He really is such an interesting character as he just wants to help people. He knows the struggle of coming home from war and wants to aid his fellow man. But he leaves his girlfriend Dorothy to move her stuff into her new place. When she comes to see him and he shows he cares she returns the favor and says they can use the boxes to make fresh signs.

Gretchen and Jimmy are both feeling down about their respective days. Gretchen opens up the mail like she promised and finds a letter from Jimmy’s sister. His father has died. He comes bounding in because his book idea has sold. This weight of knowing something so personal will certainly affect Gretchen. The way her eyes fill with emotion is so beautiful as she does really care about Jimmy and really doesn’t want to spoil his big moment.

Again just a stellar episode of this amazing show. This really is a show that makes use of its characters and makes them so real it almost hurts. I feel for these characters and that is the beauty of this show, characters so real you feel for them on an emotional level. I cannot wait for next week’s episode Bad News: Dude’s Dead.



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