This Weeks Fresh Friday’s Featured Artist – Kristin Berardi


Welcome back to another awesome edition of Fresh Friday, this weeks feature Artist is a friend I went to primary and High school with many years ago, we wont mention how many though! I remember back then, Kristin being musically talented so it only seemed fit that my friend and exceptionally talented singer Kristin Berardi feature in this weeks Fresh Friday Article.

Kristin is originally from a small country town of Koumala in North Queensland, Australia and is one of Australia’s first calls when it comes to Jazz Singing. Kristin has quite a few impressive awards under her belt including the most recently winning a Bell Award for Best Vocal Album and the Art Music Award – Queensland State Award for Excellence in Jazz for “Hope in My Pocket” Berardi/Foran/Karlen, just to name a few! Not only is Kristin a talented Jazz Singer, she is also a talented Jazz lecturer at the Brisbane Conservatorium Of Music in Queensland, Australia.

Kristin has a voice of an angel and can evoke goosebumps, the only way I can describe her voice is exceptional quality, rich, smooth dark chocolate. She has such a beautiful tone and range and the musicians on her albums are incredibly talented also The music arrangement and Kristin’s  voice compliment each other and is an absolute joy to listen to, it is really music to your ears! I feel i need to be sipping whisky on the rocks, while sitting in leather chair, in a dimly lit bar!  Kristin’s albums are a must for your playlist, you will wonder how you have  lived without her music all these years once you hear her smooth tones.

Kristin’s album Just As You Are (2016) will be her 10th release, you can find and buy all of Kristin’s albums on her website which I will include in the links below, other albums include, Where Or When (2015), Hope in My Pocket (2015). Kristin was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule and do our Fresh Friday Q&A, lets take a look….

Fresh Friday Q&A With Kristin Berardi

Presh: Where did your love and passion for music come from? and how did that influence your style as a Singer?

Kristin Berardi: I grew up in a household where music always happening.. my mum loves music, and taught music from home, so I was always around it growing up.  It influenced me more in my habits as a musician i think then my style, just in that I ended up going down a different path for style but I always knew practises was important for bettering your skills, and for confidence too.

Presh: As a Singer, has your first love always been jazz?

KB: No (smiley face) definitely, not. I grew up listening to what was on the pop charts, and loved Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men… john Farnham, and The Beach Boys got a look in too. But Yeah – I wanted to be the next Mariah…. without that extraordinary range though.

I did classical violin all throughout primary and high school, but i was introduced to Jazz in high school. It was the Australian singer Vince Jones that really turned my head… I didn’t realises “jazz” was as broad a term. I heard him and thought ” If  that is jazz, then I like Jazz”.

Presh: Who are your major musical influences?

KB: Mariah! Vince Jones, Crowed House, Sarah Vaughan, Pat Metheny, Gretchen Parlato, Cassandra Wilson, Carmen McRae, Brad Meldau, Keith Jarrett.

Presh: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

KB: In 2007 I was supporting Al Jarreau and George Benson at the Montreux Jazz festival, which was part of a prize from winning the International jazz Vocal Competition there the year before (of which Al Jarreau was the judge). I was performing with my friend and wonderful guitarist James Sherlock, and we heard folks cheering us on from the wings…. we looked over perplexed as we knew no one there, and it wa Al and his band, giving us support from the side stage! I won’t ever forget that!!!

Presh: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing a song?

KB: Mainly from what is going on in my life, or those around me…So mainly real events. Sometimes it will hit me straight away that ill have to write about something, like when I met this elderly gentleman in a Brooklyn laundry mat , or other times it takes longer…more time to ponder life’s journey and time at the piano. It seems that the song writing process is a changing one so I have to just go with it, and be open to it when it calls, not just force an idea, but be patient.

For your hearing pleasure, here is a little teaser of what you have been missing out on… untill NOW. Below is a couple of tracks from Kristin’s album: Just As You Are if you love it please go buy her album!


Kristin Berardi Website

Kristin Berardi iTunes

Kristin Berardi Google Play Music

Kristin Berardi Band Facebook Page


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