Upcoming Booster Gold Film May Not Connect With Current DCEU Films


The mastermind behind the current slate of popular superhero shows on The CW, mega producer Greg Berlanti, is working on a Booster Gold film. The only catch is that it seems the film wont be connected in any way to the current DC movie universe that started with Man of Steel.

Speaking with Vulture on the his experience working with comic book properties in both TV and movies he talked about a future project involving Booster Gold and where it falls in the DCEU:

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds,” referring to the current DC movies (Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad) “It’d be a separate thing.”

The film has only secured a writer, Zack Stenz who wrote an episode for The Flash, and Berlanti is attached to it as a producer although he did express his desire to direct. It would be a strange move for DC to exclude Booster Gold from the DCEU. It would demonstrate a lack of confidence in the world building they have done so far. Greg Berlanti has done some excellent work on his TV shows so he should definitely be able to leave his mark in the DCEU. There was also a Booster Gold easter egg in Man of Steel. Even though Zack Snyder dismissed it as just something that would be cool to put in just for the sake of it there is no reason they can’t just run with it as well.

With the film being in the early stages of production things could change and Booster Gold could be making his way to the DCEU in the end. For now lets just thank our lucky stars they’re even working on a Booster Gold film.


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