iZombie Season 3: Rob Thomas Teases Zombie Speakeasy


If you like a little extra Tabasco in your Bloody Mary, the latest gossip about season 3 of iZombie could be music to your ears. Showrunner Rob Thomas revealed to Entertainment Weekly that a new zombie speakeasy would be a focal point in the next season. Thomas told EW “The number of zombies in Seattle is going up at an alarming rate, and it’s high time someone capitalised on the undead’s desire to socialise with their own kind.” Season 2 ended with the arrival of badass Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) who promised to make Seattle ‘the capital of the zombie homeland’. This means ample opportunity for business folks to cash in on the walking (and drinking!) dead.

Thomas continued “It’s a speakeasy where one needs to be able to eat a ghost pepper without flinching to be allowed in, but once inside, brains and hot sauces from around the world are available for the discriminating zombie,” which sounds like a great idea for a venue in the real world to be honest! The speakeasy, called The Scratching Post (as just a scratch will turn you in the world of iZombie), was originally pegged to be called Coldcock’s (snigger) but that plan was scuppered when the team found out that it was already a brand of whiskey. Unlucky dudes!

Liv (Rose McIver) is already struggling to fit in with both team human and team zombie, so how will she cope once Seattle starts to resemble a Romero movie? And also, if it’s a zombie only bar, will this mean less screen time for Ravi? If it does, I’m not feeling it!


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