Alterna’s ‘The Black Hand’ Review


Alterna Comics’ 4-part miniseries The Black Hand is written and created by Erica J. Heflin. This series, in my opinion, is a nice mix of Medieval fantasy and paranormal.

The story revolves around main protagonist Victoria Addair, who after surviving a near death experience as a child now possess a black hand. The hand holds the power to slay undead demons and ghosts . . . Badass right? With this blackened hand, Victoria is drafted into doing the bidding of the Order of Black Hand, a powerful secret organization. Long story short, Addair is basically a prisoner of the order, only allowed to go out on extermination missions of undead baddies. Victoria begins to realize something is up when she is sent to slay the ghost of a child named the Grey Boy. We, the reader, come to realize that it is only with help of Grey Boy she can uncover the truth to save them all from certain death. Whoa!

The Black Hand isn’t your typical fantasy comic. First off, the main character is a hard swearing, sword swinging,  ass kicking female. She’s a bit of an outcast in the order as her colleagues in the Order of the Black Hand want nothing to do with her. They’re under the belief she’s dangerous and irresponsible and likely to get them killed. She’s easily annoyed, strong-minded and anti-social; this makes for some entertaining verbal exchanges with every person she meets. (I loved it) As far as I’m concerned every character in this story is strong and memorable.  The child Victoria is sent to protect, Fadir Rahil is a blunt, honest and irresponsible character. His developing relationship with Victoria is the at the core of the story. The child’s father, Master Rahal, struck me as a deceptive sort of man, with a known  history of keeping secrets, and it’s those secrets that have led to the undead rising from their graves in an effort to take revenge and bring terror to his family.


Heflin’s narrative of the story is pretty quick. That being said. the action was turned up along with the intrigue of the story pretty evenly throughout. I did prefer some the art over others, but all in all, it’s solid. Coming in at 86 pages over 4 issues, The Black Hand is a fun, exciting read with enough of its own strength to stand on its own. I’m certain anyone looking for something off the radar of the “Big 2” (Marvel & DC) in the fantasy realm will be surprisingly pleased with The Black Hand.

As far as I know this collection is only available digitally, but I’m almost positive (ALMOST) you will be able to find back issues at your local comic shop. CHeck it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!







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