Ballers SN2 EP8 – ‘Laying In The Weeds”

Whew, Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) wakes up to start a new day facing big changes! After a night of a tequila binge to medicate the sting of being fired from ASM, he is now carrying bags out to the car for Tracy who is taking that job with ESPN. Not much of a lost there, it didn’t look like “true love” substance any way as they both jokingly say their goodbyes.

As he meets up with Joe (Rob Corddry) who is still employed by Anderson, Spencer tells him he is coming up with an exit strategy so we need to keep his getting fired under wraps for the time being. Now what is this player up to?

Now I told you last week that things would be changing between Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller) and Ricky Jerrit (John David Washington) and so it has! “Check please!” as Charles leaves the PUB in a huff.

So you will never guess what Spence is going to try to swing! If someone put you out the company, what would you do? Most people would get back out there and get something Bigger and Better right? Not Spencer Strasmore! He’s going to go All Out and try to BUY ASM! With what money $$? Ask Ricky.

Well it’s draft day! Matt has been doing everything Spencer has told him to do to try and bring up his value for the draft. Did it work?


Yes IT DID, but you can’t leave an episode of Ballers on a high that’s just not the Ballers Series Style!


So without hesitation, someone flaps their gums just a little too much. What’s got these guys looking like this?

Yeah man! It keeps me hanging just like you all every week. There is always something happening to keep me on edge waiting for the next episode! Until next week, I’m Malia Mercedes, blogging for You can also catch me at where I’m always boasting my loyalty with “Loyal Bloodline”.

“Loyal people wear their loyalty with


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