New OUAT S6 Promo

The name of the promo is War.  The first thing the announcer asks is “What if your favorite storybook characters went to war?”  Er… well… um…. haven’t they been at war for basically five seasons already?  So, what else is new?

We get a glimpse of Aladdin and of course, Jafar.  I really don’t think there could possibly be anyone out there more excited for Aladdin to come to Storybrooke than I am.  I’m just hoping we get to see the Genie too… Man, I miss Robin Williams.  Sorry, got sidetracked there.

I didn’t expect anything less of The Savior though… “What’s coming and how do we stop it?”  That’s our Emma… batten down the hatches and let’s light this b!tch….and kick some major @$$ while we’re at it.

I’m really excited to see The Evil Queen return.  I mean, seriously, no body… No. Body. has a better wardrobe.  I wasn’t really surprised to see her emerge at the end of Season 5 though.  Really… what did you think was going to happen when she drank the Dr. Jekyll juice?

In fact, the only thing I didn’t see in this promo that I was looking for was a Captain Swan kiss… or really any glimpse of Hook.  Man, I love him.. okay maybe it’s that other four letter L word, but he’s second in my affections to only one man… Dean Winchester.  What can I say?  The guyliner really does it for me… well and the black leather doesn’t hurt.

Can’t wait for September 25th…. who wants to watch with me?  I’ll bring the popcorn!


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