Son Of Zorn SN1 EP1 – ‘Return To Orange County’

Son of Zorn is a new series that is on its way to Fox. While the series doesn’t premiere until September 25th, the first episode was shown off to bring in viewers. It tells the story of a He-Man type character coming to live in the real world. Played by Jason Sudeikis, it seems like a very interesting show idea.

He comes from a world that is animated and is himself animated. He wants nothing more then to reconnect with his son and his ex-wife. But coming from an animated world he really has no idea how to raise deal with a human child.

In the first episode he realizes that he will lose his son if he doesn’t stay around. He decides to stay and get an apartment and a real job. His son is clearly put off by his whole attempt as he was never there for the boy except for sporadic weekends every year.

Humorously enough the young man does still love his father, he really just wishes he wouldn’t show up without a shirt, yelling his name and waving a sword around.  Of course this is what his father does as he really does not know anything else.

Zorn really decides to try with his son and ends up spending an evening with him. He tries to make things right with him but his son is totally different then what he wanted him to be. As his son is flirted with he gets in his way making it that much more difficult to make amends.

The next day at work he is told to come talk to his boss as they found a table cleaved in twain. She tells him he has passion and that if he was a little more considerate he might do well at this job. Humorously he tells her that she is a good guy, as he comes from a place where men are the only beings of strength.

Zorn then gets his son a Death Hawk which he can ride. He wants his son to feel like a grown man. His son is actually quite happy that his dad actually listened to him but he is not able to keep the giant bird. As he kills the giant bird, the waitress drives by and is disgusted by the brutal scene before her.

The semi final shot of the episode shows Zorn’s son brushing his teeth zooming out to show that his legs in fact are animated. Then it follows with his soon to be stepfather washing the drive way of the Death Hawk’s blood.

Honestly, I am unsure how long this series will actually last. It could conceivably end after one season, if it doesn’t hit the spot for viewers.I did find it interesting but really am curious about how this show will continue to play out.

There really hasn’t been an hybrid show like this, but honestly it is pretty well done. It takes the idea of a classic 80’s cartoon and mashes it with a situational family oriented comedy. Of course it may not be appropriate for all ages but if you read between the lines it looks like at its crux it is about a father fixing his mistakes, and that is nice.



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