Mr Sinister To Appear In Wolverine 3


So we have been waiting to see when Mister Sinister would appear in a X-Men related film and thanks to Bryan Singer and CinemaBlend we finally have our answer. Mister Sinister will appear in Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine in Wolverine 3 so we finally have some details around a film that has been cloaked in mystery.


It’s fair to guess that the role will be played by Richard E. Grant his character has been listed as being a ‘Mad Scientist’.

Singer also went on to mention an original plan for a Deadpool related post credits scene as the director wanted to include a tease toward Deadpool 2.

“We did a tag that we really couldn’t do — which I can stick on the DVD. It would have been for Deadpool, and unfortunately it wouldn’t have had the right costume for the character they’re going to add to Deadpool [2]. I don’t want to give that away.”

Wolverine 3 hits cinemas on March 3rd 2017

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