Big Bang Theory Season 10 Trailer Released

The first Big Bang Theory Trailer has been posted and boy howdy does it look like a crazy one. In the brief scene it shows off Penny’s Family Dynamic.

Clearly there is a lot of issues within this Family of Four and a lot of humor to go along with it.  Penny’s father has been seen multiple times throughout the series but this is the first time her mother and brother have been seen.

I can’t wait to see more of this episode and see how these characters end up interacting with the cast. They really do look like they could be a family in some weird way and I think that is the part of Television’s magic. These casting executives really know what they are doing when they can take four people with no genetic connection and you can believe they are family.

Penny is definitely a daddy’s girl as is clear from the past episodes. Her father wanted Leonard to marry Penny since he came clean about their breakup. I am glad that he was able to see this wish fulfilled.

Penny’s mother played by Katey Segal is interestingly enough playing her mother for the second time after 8 Simple Rules. Jack McBrayer is on point as the recently released druggie and Penny’s brother. Clearly different from other roles because usually he plays a goody two shoes type. I am curious to see how he plays this character.

All in all this looks like quite the episode and I can’t wait until September 19th to see how this all unfolds. The pictures of the wedding are really lovely and I am glad that they are actually going to have the wedding shown.

Big Bang Theory starts soon and it might even be the last season, so look forward to my coverage, only on Skatronixxx!


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