Digimon World: Next Order Is Coming 2017! Let’s Go Back To The Digital World!


Digimon is about as old as Pokemon and still has just a strong a fan base. These monsters and their human companions may not be plastered everywhere but so many people enjoy them.

After the success of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth in the states it has been announced that Bandai Namco is bringing Digimon World:Next Order to the states in 2017.

I did really enjoy Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth even though I haven’t beaten everything because it is quite the game. I do really enjoy Digimon and have ever since I first watched it. Though I haven’t seen every episode of every season what I have watched is still amazing.

This series is really powerful in that most of the time these kids only have a single Digimon. They become their best friend and through love and friendship they are able to Digivolve.

Now this is an RPG similar to Cyber Sleuth. You get to raise and train over 200 different Digimon and figure out the best way for you to fight. I really enjoy monster collecting games as they offer so much customization. You can literally choose whatever monster you want in these types of games. If you like cute, there’s cute and they can honestly be just as strong as the vicious looking ones.

This game takes place in the Digital World, the lush and verdant one unlike Cyber Sleuth which was corrupted. I do think it really looks lovely when it is all so natural and serene. Except of course for Digimon roaming free and doing as they please.

This game really looks like a fun one and I am happy to see it come to the states. Maybe it will inspire young kids to dive into this series. It is always easier for newbies to find the series in their own way and if its games, that works fine!

Again Digimon World:  Next Order comes out next year! If you like Digimon you may just feel that nostalgic tug and want to head into the Digital World for yourself.


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