Shovel Knight Gets New DLC In 2017. Specter Knight Joins The Game Play Fray!

Shovel Knight is the game that just keeps on giving. This game while it may be hard for me as a non platformer type deserves all the praise it gets. I mean to keep cranking out these new games is insane.

Yacht Club Games is definitely building quite the fan base by offering all of this DLC at no cost. People are certainly doing the selling for them by just talking about this game.

I really do think Indie games can be amazing, especially with how technology is moving ahead. You never know what these indie developers will come up with and that is why it is good to support indie game development.

Shovel Knight has already had Free DLC in the form of Plague of Shadows where you play as Plague Knight. Now, it seems like just about all of these villains could get their own game which would really make Shovel Knight a legendary game.

The next one to get his due is Specter Knight who can climb up walls with his Scythe. Now, that really is an inventive way to use a scythe and I think that is awesome.

Yacht Games I salute you, and hope Shovel Knight keeps being the success it is! I am excited to try out Specter Knight’s abilities and can’t wait to see more of what these Indie developers can come up with.


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