Supernatural S12 Promo Released

I wasn’t squee’ing.  You were squee’ing.  Yes you were.  Yes. You. Were.

Oh sayer of untruths, your trousers did precede to combust!

If you saw Sammy all tied up and your mind didn’t go straight to the gutter… then you’re a better person than me.  Maybe a little bit of prude too.  Just sayin’.

I think the best line of the promo award goes to (can I get a drum roll please?  Geez, I said please!)…… Rick Springfield as Lucifer.  “You’re either mad ….. or dim.”  The comeback to that of course is:  Maybe a little of both.

And the promo coming out wasn’t even the best news I have for you!

Sheriff Jody Mills (played by fan favorite and Wayward Daughter, Kim Rhodes) is coming back!  That’s right, she’ll be showing up in Episode 6.  Rumor has it that there’s going to be a Hunter’s Wake, and we’ll get to see Sam and Dean interact with other hunters.  I’m going to bet money right now that they aren’t well received.  We all know that most hunters blame The Boys for a whole laundry list of major f**k ups… including, but not limited to:  Opening the Hell Gate, letting Lucifer out of his cage, The Apocalypse, The Darkness almost ending the world, Bobby’s death… and that’s just the Top 5.

I do believe I hear squee’ing in the distance.

A crap-ton of questions will be answered when Season 12 premieres on Thursday, October 13th.  Yes, I said Thursday.  The Crazy Suits at The CW have decided in their unquestioning wisdom (I can’t seem to find the sarcasm font) to move The Show to Thursday nights.  Man, Winchester Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring to it.



  1. I’m going to miss “Happy Hump a Winchester Wednesday” not gonna lie…

    Liked by 1 person

    • totalconfushun says:

      Will you be my running mate when I run for Mayor of Gutterville? Ya know, if I decide to run. You’d make a great deputy mayor. =)


  2. Taryn Elliott says:

    Hee I can’t wait to see RS playing Luci.
    And ummm make room in the gutter. I need a bunk!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Diane Elyard says:

    Oh man, the gutter is crowded….as always when the Winchesters are involved. So excited about S12….less than a month away. FINALL?

    Liked by 1 person

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