You’re the Worst SN3 EP3 – ‘Bad News, Dude’s Dead’


Following the ending of the second episode of the season Gretchen finds her therapist at a restaurant and asks for her help. She can’t bare to tell Jimmy his Father has died after he sold his book. She tells her that of course she has to tell him even if it may be ugly.

She is about to tell him when he promises a vacation because she is going to be going on a nice journey with him.

Lindsey is freaking out about stabbing Paul because his wound keeps getting reinfected. Lindsey tells her she shouldn’t tell Jimmy about what is going on.

Lindsey and Gretchen go into Edgar’s work and  try to tell him their secret. Edgar is blown away by this thought and sinks down to a bench. He is one of the only ones to wear his heart and feelings on his sleeve. Gretchen then comes up with the idea that they invite everyone over for a big celebration of his book being sold. Of course this is supposed to be a cover and she hopes the guests will all tell Jimmy his dad has died.

Jimmy comes in upset with his publisher and ready to go write his book. Gretchen wants them all to tell him his dad died when he surprises her with a “Pets of Instagram” cruise. As always she throws all caution to the wind and begins to party. Lindsey’s husband Paul gets Champagne in his wound after Gretchen sprays him with it.

Edgar is the only one to not be able to party because he is the only one who seems to be able to feel anything. Jimmy sees all the people in his party and thinks they don’t want him to succeed. Jimmy goes to gather his heckle file to heckle everyone so he can work.

Edgar is convinced to go down and tell him the news. But ends up instilling in him an idea to call his dad and heckle him. Edgar obviously couldn’t bring himself to do it anyway as he really is the most emotional of the group at least on the surface.

Lindsey realizes she does actually love Paul when he sticks up for her, in a beautiful scene. She was trying to “incept” herself into loving him and now its come true. When Edgar comes running up to tell them the news they all leave. Edgar contemplates his life and it is suggested that he get help which he knows.

Gretchen finally tells him when she hears him calling his Dad to heckle him but ends up just saying that he sold a book. When she tells him Jimmy is literally unable to speak. But I mean it is rather expected as he was on top of the world and then it all came crashing down.

Another gripping episode of You’re the Worst. As comedic as it is dark and oh so genuine. Death is something that is often hard to talk about and this show pulled off all the emotions involved sublimely. All these characters are real in their own ways and they all feel. It can be hard to really show emotion sometimes in shows because these types of emotion can be so visceral.

Can’t wait for Episode 4 “Men Get Strong” to see how Jimmy really takes this news.


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