Amazing World Of Gumball SN6 EP4 – ‘The Boredom’

Gumball and Darwin sit bored in their room. As they sit Darwin’s butt becomes fossilized to the carpet and then Gumball is rooted in place. This show is really so clever and punny. Unbeknownst to them the world actually very interesting.

The moon and the sun who are a couple in certain episodes are fighting. The moon wants to light the planet but obviously can’t. She says she wants to fight the sun who points out she can’t as he is 9.5 million miles away.

The Police Chief who is actually a doughnut is throwing donuts into his mouth. As he empties the box he begins driving fast to the doughnut shop. He speeds past another cop who calls him on his car radio and tells him about a speeder. Everyday at four he rushes to get donuts and thus is always the speeder he is chasing. So its quite humorous.

Banana Joe tries out a light saber but is to stupid to use it right. After he is given a lollipop the scientist throws out the saber in a dumpster filled with his other inventions. They are all actually brilliant inventions like a time machine and a hover board.

The Fingerprint bandit sings a song, talking about why he went to crime. He just wants to apologize but ends up stealing a car in the end.

They head to the mall in hopes of something else cool happening. There is a ridiculous scene that plays out but it ends up blocking out the cool bits. Of course this just makes Gumball give up as he is prone to do.

Gumball and Darwin head home and sit there watching the clock. As they sit there bored their house is lifted up by a crane. First the town rolls by and then shots of Clarence, Regular Show, and Uncle Grandpa show up. This is the first time Gumball has had a crossover with any show. I always think crossovers are something fun, and like that this happened.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door and a dwarf who is clearly a reference to Gimli from Lord of the Rings appears. He tells them he has a quest and needs two brave souls. Gumball and Darwin point him to two nerdy guys who love fantasy.

In another reference the nerds fly off on Falkor or at least a creature resembling him.

Gumball muses that life doesn’t just knock on your door it is up to you to make your own life. Darwin suggests they do something but Gumball says he isn’t a doer, he is a moaner. This episode is really good. It showcases other characters in their odd lives but ties it up with Gumball’s thoughts. When you are a kid boredom can seem like its always around. Gumball was right that it is up to you to make your life what you want it to be. If Gumball wasn’t a moaner I don’t think this show would be half as funny. His attitude about life does drive the show in many ways.


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