American Horror Story SN6 EP1 – ‘Roanoke’


It’s been a long wait, but finally, the highly anticipated season 6 of American Horror Story aired last night (14th September 2016) which in fact it makes this the first time that series has debuted outside of October in its history. Details about this seasons cast and plot were very far and few between, with everyone keeping tight-lipped and only giving us teasers to let our imaginations run wild on where season 6 would take us, so needless to say I had high expectations for last nights premiere for season 6, however, it wasn’t how I expected the first episode to be. It was a little slow off the blocks and both S and I thought it to be a little lack luster given previous seasons of AHS, so I had to watch it again this morning and I can tell you my opinion has changed and it is not as lack luster as I first thought last night, but is still very different to what I had expected/anticipated given the teasers. Ok lets recap the first episode of AHS season 6.


Roanoke is presented as a paranormal documentary series which is it titled My Roanoke Nightmare, it follows a couple Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) & Matt Miller (Andre Holland) whose experiences are reenacted by actors (Sarah Paulson as Shelby Miller and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Matt Miller).


The Millers move from Los Angeles, California to a house in Roanoke Island, North Carolina following a brutal assault on Matt which the stress also lead to Shelby losing the baby from a miscarriage. As soon as the Millers settle into their new home, it doesn’t take long before strange and paranormal things to begin haunting them. While Matt is out running errands in the next town a few miles away, Shelby is at the house when it suddenly starts to hale…. Wait for it…. TEETH, yes, I’m talking human teeth!! Obviously freaked out about what she has just seen, Shelby tries to tell Matt what she had just experienced but with no evidence of teeth lying around he tries to convince Shelby that it was just a hail storm and that the weather here in Roanoke can take a bit of getting used to.



With Matt needing to go away for work he is reluctant to leave Shelby at the house, however, she insists she will be ok. Later that evening Shelby gets into the hot tub with a nice red and just as she starts to relax….. BANG!! She is pushed and held under the water as she fearless tries to fight back against her attacker, when all of a sudden she is released and able to come up, but there is no one there. She calls the police and Matt, he rushes back and the police tell him there is no evidence of anyone being anywhere near the hot tub or anywhere else, Matt tells the cop he believes it the hillbilly’s that they outbid, for the house that is responsible for the strange things that are happening.


Matt needs to return to the hospital where he is hoping to land the account (then he can travel less if he lands them) but he doesn’t want to leave Shelby at home on her own. He calls on his sister Lee (reenacted by Angela Bassett) to come and stay with Shelby until he gets back. The Women don’t particularly like each other, Lee was a cop but was shot in the line of duty and she became addicted to painkillers which eventually lead to her being fired from the force. The Women start arguing, meanwhile, Matt is in his hotel room he get a text and assumes it from Shelby but it’s a notification that the cameras he had set up before he left had been triggered, it was a mob of people with fire torches walking towards the house. Mid-argument Shelby and Lee don’t hear their phone but soon hear noises and go to investigate, the pair is lured to the basement where there was a video playing showing a half man half pig looking figure.


Matt rushes back and is showed the video, but he reassure’s both Shelby and Lee that is most likely a fake, Shelby no longer wants to live there but they have sunk their life savings into the house and have no other option. Shelby is pissed off that Matt is not listening or believing her and takes off in the car , but she doesn’t get far before she hits what looks like women, she slams the brakes on and get out to check the person is ok, when suddenly she gets up and walks off into the night. Shelby gives chase but ends up getting herself lost and runs into a mob who are carrying fire torches, she can do nothing but stand there as they surround her.

*Note: In the late 16th century, Sir William Raleigh, the explorer after whom the capital of North Carolina would later be named, selected artist John White to lead a group of 115 colonists to start a new colony on Roanoke Island off the coast of what is now Dare County. A previous colony had been established on the island but had been abandoned after its leaders killed the chief of the Native American tribe that had been its primary trade source. After founding the colony in 1587, White returned to England to get more supplies. He hoped he would only be gone for three months, but England’s war with Spain prevented White from returning as all English ships were seized by the government for the war effort.

It wasn’t until 1590 that White returned, and when he did, every single person in the Roanoke colony had disappeared, including his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. The only clue left behind was a word carved in a post: “Croatoan,” the name of a nearby tribe.

Wikipedia – Roanoke Island

Does the word “Croatoan” seem familiar? Well, that’s because it appeared in the very first season of “American Horror Story.” In Episode 11 of that season, a psychic tells a ghost story about an exorcism that happened at Roanoke Colony after all the colonists died. To banish the spirits of the colonists that kept haunting the island, one of the Native American elders performed a ritual that ended with him shouting “Croatoan.”  Perhaps seasons past and present of AHS will all share a common link?

I have a feeling that episode 2 might ramp things a little more. AHS6 episode 2 will air 21st September 2016.  Be sure to follow me @presh81 to stay up to date with all things AHS!!

Check out what’s in store for next weeks episode 2!



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