Weekly Bookette #12 Indie Books again :D


It is time yet again for one of my favorite Weekly Bookette articles. Yep, it is time for our monthly independent book line up, hope you enjoy this month’s selection as much as I do!


5100-wlwchl-_sy346_Swing by Philip Beard

John Kostka, a giant of a man, and Henry Graham, a ten year old boy who was abandoned by his father, meet on a downtown bus stop. At first it seems like all they had in common was their love of the Pittsburgh Pirates (a baseball team), but this common interest is enough to spark a friendship between the two. The book follows the story of our main characters and keeps on switching perspective between the two, showing us how they help each other move through life and even confront old enemies and heal old wounds. The touching story can be found here


51xk5h19q9lThe Spirit Collectors by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

The story of young Amory begins on the day he decides to selfishly disobey the laws made to protect him. Living on the small isle of Winder, a boring place that can never satisfy his lust for adventure, Amory decides to use one of the portals in the cemetery. Portals that can take him to other islands in the massively wonderful world called Awya. On his adventures he teams up with a sentient soul jar, finds a chest of magic cards, and travels around on a flying stone slab. Simply put, Amory risks his own soul to go on this wonderful adventure of a lifetime, and we get to see it all here


51twgr4xlilAll the Elders Orphans: Book One by Melissa Dykes

After a great big war wipes out most of the people in the country, including Sophia Walden’s family, she decides to do what most of us (I know I would) do, just live in isolation in a trailer filled with books and “pets”. But her world gets turned upside down when a young boy begs her to help find his missing sister, Sophia has no choice but to venture into the war torn world she left behind, and learn to navigate through a shattered civilization that is regrouping into gangs and clans fighting for control over what remains in order to help the young boy. If Sofia fails at her new mission, more than her and the young boy’s life are at stake. Read all about Sophia’s adventure here

What do you think of this month’s indie line up? Are you a fan of any of the books mentioned above? Do you know of any books that should be mentioned on our lists? Let us know in the comments or on twitter (@DarthAybak is the name).


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