Whatastory: Whataburger and Wonder Woman’s “Friendly Trademark Discussion”

There’s been reports that DC Comics and American burger chain Whataburger have been embroiled in a bitter dispute over logos. The chain has a stacked W logo, which it launched in 1972, 13 years before Wonder Woman‘s  original logo was trademarked. The new version of the logo, relaunched to tie in with Gal Gadot‘s incarnation of the superheroine, appears to stepped on Whattaburger’s toes.


However, according to Chron, the press folks at Whataburger seem to be taken aback at claims that there is a nasty dispute between them and the home of the Amazon princess. They describe the ‘row’ as a ‘friendly trademark discussion’. In fact, their statements are unbelievably cute, as if written by characters from the 1970s series.

“Contrary to some suggestions, Whataburger is not at war with Wonder Woman over her newly redesigned logo. In fact, Whataburger supports superheroes like Wonder Woman and her friends in the Justice League.” Whataburger actually have a superhero mascot -Whataguy – and they would apparently love to see a crossover with these two. Maybe DC should introduce him as a character for the Wonder Woman solo film? He could be a love rival against Bruce Wayne…


“Wonder Woman’s stacked W logo has both made it appear more similar to Whataburger’s long-standing Flying W trademark and has been accompanied by nine new trademark applications, covering a much more substantial list of goods and services than just comic books, including a variety of food and beverage products.”

And therein lies the problem – the original logo was only related to comic book merch; now it maybe linked to similar products as Whataburger.


“Whataburger anticipates a positive discussion with DC Comics and a resolution of that discussion that will be acceptable to both parties.”

In a quaint closing of the statement, Whataburger said they wanted Wonder Woman to be able to focus on keeping “planet Earth safe from villains” while they focused on making burgers.


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