Pokemon Generations Episode 1 and 2, “The Adventure” and “The Chase”


Pokemon Generations is finally upon us and it really is something to behold. Fans have been clamoring for an anime of any size really based on the games. This is the Pokemon Company’s answer to this plea.

The first episode is really wonderful. First it opens up like the original Pokemon Red Version. Everything iconic about that opening is present. The a cursor moves down to continue his game. It starts out with Red and his Bulbasaur taking on a Pikachu. Red immediately throws a Pokeball and catches Pikachu immediately. He then sends it out and it begins to run.

Pikachu runs into a Caterpie and a heated battle starts up. Pikachu soundly defeats it and continues his charge. Then scenes from every region occur one after the other ending with a legendary appearance. This is just really something to be seen. Nostalgia rushed through me as I watched it. I was literally beaming just watching this because clearly Pokemon is something I really enjoy.

This episode does end somewhat abruptly but that is okay. It is definitely worth the watch because of the animation quality and this wonderful journey of Red and Pikachu.

The second episode is quite different and involves the detective Looker looking for Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket. He has been trying to find this mastermind for the longest time but to no avail.

The cool thing is this takes place right after Red and Blue have defeated him. In the games after Red defeats Giovanni, Giovanni does vanish. There is no way a leader of a notorious crime corporation would stay around.

Looker and his police have already cleared up the Celadon Game Corner which is notorious for selling Pokemon for chips. They find out that Giovanni may be holed up in Virdian Gym. They bust in with their Pokemon but find the Gym to be empty. There are burn marks which are clearly from Red and Giovanni’s battle.

The end of the episode shows Giovanni wearing his Heart Gold and Soul Silver outfit. He remarks that Pokemon were created for the sole use of Team Rocket. Then he puts on his hat and walks off. Team Rocket might be done for now, but is it done forever?

I really enjoyed both of these shorts and can’t wait for the other 16 shorts which will be coming up until December 23rd. The Pokemon company is pulling out all the stops for the 20th Anniversary. With all this hard work I am even more excited for Sun and Moon on November 18th!



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