Gotham Season 3 Premiere! Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell


Gotham is finally back, and after a review of what happened in the end of last season everything starts up.

Jim is dressed up and goes to see Lee but she is with another man. Dejected he leaves knowing he has lost her.

Back in the city something is afoot in the pharmacy. A vicious thug with spikes on his head and rocky pieces coming out of his back is causing trouble. Jim comes into the shot to stop him and knocks him into the road. Soon a truck speeds by slamming into him.

A new arrival and the aunt of a classic Batman character appears on the scene, one Valerie Vale. A reporter who wants to get down to the business about the wicked creatures released by Strange’s Indian Hill.

Harvey and Gordon talk and Harvey tries to persuade him to rejoin the police but to avail. Lucius Fox who is working for the GCPD comes in and Gordon says if a villain appears and the price is right he will get him.

Suddenly Penguin comes in to tell his story about how he saw the bus filled with monsters crash. Penguin really wants Fish Mooney gone, and so do many of the shows fans.

Penguin and Butch go to Barbara and Tabitha’s new night club. Penguin tells Babs and Tabitha he will pay anyone one million for bringing Fish in dead, alive, or any other way. Cat comes in and nabs Butch’s wallet. Cat heads outside and walks with the young Ivy Pepper, handing over Butch’s wallet to a youth, its none other than Bruce Wayne’s Doppelgänger.

Bruce is troubled by what he is going to do the next day. Valerie comes in to talk to Gordon and they talk about Strange and his monsters.

Penguin stops in to see Riddler and hands him an “unsolvable” puzzle which he solves in an instant. Penguin and Riddler really have become good friends. Penguin is worried but Riddler stops him and tells him “Penguins eat Fish.” Clearly this is the beginning of the end for Fish.

Fish Mooney and her associate Cat walk in with two baddies to a lab. Fish uses her powers to subdue a guard falls needing to hold herself up on a desk. Clearly Fish isn’t as strong as she is letting people think. Gordon comes into capture Fish and is attacked by her goon. The man escapes and Gordon shows disappointment.

Bruce sits with Alfred in Wayne Enterprises, he is taking charge. Bruce knows people on his board are in the Court of Owls. In the Court of Owls headquarters the same Mr.Crowley is seen getting orders to kill Bruce.

Men come into take over Babs club and she feigns sadness when she is struck. In a fit of madness she kills the leader with the butt of his gun as Tabitha kills the others.

Valerie comes into see Gordon after a visit with Cat. She is going to join him on his mission to catch Fish.

Bruce meets with Cat and she is upset that he was gone. I really enjoy seeing these two age and show the relationship slowly develop. As they talk the Doppelgänger watches confused.

Gordon finds where Fish is and goes to see Valerie waiting in her car, he handcuffs her and heads out. He heads to Professor Strange’s right hand woman Peabody. His attempt to lure Fish works but only in bringing her monstrous goons. Gordon catches the one from earlier and as he dangles out the window pulling him bat wings sprout from his back.

Barnes is angry at Gordon and Bullock for different reasons. He wheezes as they leave, could Jim be the commissioner by the season’s end?

Ivy and Cat talk again, and Ivy wants to join in the fun. Cat rebuffs her and leaves her alone, but the Doppelgänger appears. Ivy talks of Bruce Wayne and he begs to find more about him.

It turns out Butch brought in the thug to steal Babs’ club. Penguin kills the goon and they head out.

Fish talks to Peabody and tells her if she keeps using the power she will be hurt. The only one who can help her is Strange of course. Fish wants an army, an army like her, that is a frightening thought. In a show of power Fish has one of her monsters kill of Peabody.

Ivy is caught spying and is beset upon by the monsters. Running away she falls into a hole in the ground. Cat cries over the whole thinking her dead. Gordon sits in a bar as Barnes readies his cops, Babs and Tabby toast to their success, and Valerie readies her pictures.

Alfred and Bruce are in the manor and the Butler sends him off. The assassin comes in and has a scuffle with Alfred. For an older gentleman Pertwee is a brilliant fighter. But he is subdued by the assassin. The man knocks out Bruce and walks out.

Such a stellar opening for a season. This show really does deliver on so many levels. This really set things up for an amazing season! I cannot wait for next week’s episode Burn the Witch.


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