James Cordens Apple Ad is Something to be Seen!


James Corden the Late Late Show host was nominated for an Emmy award, he appeared in a Carpool Karaoke with host Jimmy Kimmel during the intro to the show and he debuted a new Apple Music ad in which Cordon is pitching some predictably terrible ideas to Apple executives Jimmy lovine, Eddy Cue and Bozoma Saint John. Cordon Dressing up as Slash, David Bowie , the Spice Girls and Pharrell to sell hs concepts to the unimpressed Apple executives however he looses the executives when in a commercial Corden helps out a thirsty child with an iPhone instead of water. “why don’t you give him water?” Asks and exasperated lovine.

“What if I’m giving birth to Justin Bieber, who’s giving birth to Anthony Kiedis, who’s giving birth to a phone?” Cordon asks the Apple executives. Not so much. Okay, better yet, Cordon as every iconic musician on your Apple Music Playlist?

Check it out below

Apple has ordered 16 episodes of Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, which will stream first exclusively on the service.

The Late Late show


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