Brooklyn Nine-Nine SN04EP01 Cool Palms Part 1


The cliff-hanger ending of Brooklyn Nine-Nine season three finally got a completion last night, so let us dive into the series again and recap what happened to our favorite detective Jake Peralta and his strict yet awesome boss captain Raymond Holt.

Season three ended with Jake and Holt hiding in Florida in a witness protection program. Since the two were hiding in Florida for quite a long while, Captain Holt finds a job in a mini golf/arcade place, while Jake gets a job in an ATV store. During the episode Holt finds out that Jake is actually keeping a secret hideout with info and files on Jimmy “The butcher” Figgis, the main baddie they are hiding from. Holt obviously does the only logical thing and stops Jake’s secret operation. Jake, of course, gets angry, and as revenge, takes the management job post at the golf place Holt was hoping to get.

I really enjoyed the bits where Jake was the boss for a change, throwing shade at his last boss and how much of a bossy pants he was. As Jake spends the day making sure Holt’s job is a living hell, we see a customer taking an embarrassing video of the two happy that the video she just took will get viral. Since our heroes are in a witness protection program, a viral video of them all over the internet is a bad idea. The two forget their differences, team up to get the phone back, and delete the footage.

After a couple of hilarious attempts at getting the phone back, Holt finally gets the bigger picture, they might be staying in Florida for a while. So instead of waiting for the feds (that include Maya Rudolph, one of my all-time favorite comedy geniuses) to solve the case, they decide to take things into their own hands and bring Figgis to them.

The episode ends with Holt uploading the video online and him clearly excited at the prospect of some action.

Overall I really enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to see how it progresses in the three parter opening this season. I am also looking forward to a so far awesome season of my favorite cop show on TV right now.

How about you? Are you excited Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back? Do you like the first episode? What are your predictions for this season?


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