Black Widow Back-Story Was Cut From Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War has started the journey for the next few films to come out, leading up to the biggest war in superhero history. The directors did such a great job with the story that it left the fans pining for more and anticipating what we will see in the upcoming movies. Marvel and directors shared with us new faces, thicker plots, and origins so we don’t wonder how they started, but they left out someone….. Black Widow.

Natalia_Romanova_(Earth-12131)_007  theavengers_black_widow1

I know I was there with everyone else, just accepting that she was just there, no rhyme or reason behind how she became the Russian spy or what have you. Sure, they told us how she met Cap and the others, but no Widow history. (Avid fans of the Marvel and DC universes and readers of comic books my understand, but not everybody is into that.) Yet no one asked “where did she come from?” It was recently revealed recently that a conversation between the Cap and his red head Russian sweetie was cut from the original movie. (and no one is complaining about this or suing Marvel… just sayin’) the scene between the two should have gone something like this:

Natasha studied Cap’s expression of resolve. Finally, she said, “In Russia, in the red room, there were dozens of us. All girls, all young. We lived together. They let us be friends. Then they dropped us in the tundra, two weeks’ walk from home, with just enough supplies for one of us to survive.”

The Cap looked at her, understanding her meaning.

“Don’t let them push us into the cold,” she said”

Hollywood makes its cuts in movies, as we all well know, and for whatever reasons they had, they felt Natasha was fine where she was and didn’t need further explaining. The movie rocked regardless and we are all waiting to see what new faces and stories we will have in future Avengers movies. ^_^


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