We Review Doctor Who ‘The Lost Episodes’

I just recently purchased the lost episodes of Doctor Who on DVD. Super excited to see what these lost episodes were. Hard to think there are ones out there that were never broadcast in the US. But there are 4 episodes that were never aired here… why? Well I don’t know but for whatever reason they weren’t. So here is my review of the first one, called The Crusade: The Lion.


Now these episodes are still with the very first doctor, William Hartnell, with 3 companions, Barbara, Nicki and Ian. His granddaughter is not with him during these ones though. We find the Doctor in the past, a time with what looks like knights in a crusade. King Richard’s time I guess.  So they are attacked after appearing in the woods by some knights, and of course the battle is very corny. The fighting styles back then, well, they make you giggle that’s for sure. And during the process of the fight, Barbara is captured. She is taken to King Richard, where she gets to meet the man himself. (Or at least a guy pretending to be the King, as to protect his highness) The “king” is kind to her but questions her appearance. He then decides that she will have a different name and title, Sister Joanna to the King. They are interrupted by a jerk in a sultan clothing line who makes threats and leaves the screen.

Then the scenes cut to the Doctor in the market, “gathering” clothes to dress up in so they could blend in with the others. He is being crafty in his endeavors to achieve a new clothing line for his companions, which is cute and silly. Hiding under tables and taking the clothing on top while the shops keep is distracted by another.

The scenes go back to the sultan clothed dudes who bring the “king” and “princess Joanna” to the Sultan, who figures out that the imposters are the not king and his sister. He doesn’t seem to be so angry with this, but instead makes everyone leave as he questions Barbara and where she came from and what she is doing here.

Scene then goes back to the Doctor and the other two companions who are now trying to plead with the real king about getting some guys to help rescue their friend, which does not go to well. The king does not wish to do any trades or whatnot with the other lordly dude, considering he had killed the king’s friends (not cool) and will not have anything to do with this mission. He feels that Barbara can rot there with the Sultan guy before he considers doing business with him. The Doctor and companions now have to figure out what they can do next to get their friend and companion back.

Ok there was the first of the 4 episodes. Short and sweet, not sure why this was not released in the United States…. Seemed like the other episodes of this time. No idea. But the next one I will review is audio only so this may be a challenge trying to keep up with what is going on and just listen…. I have a hard time just listening  Hope you enjoyed this. ^_^


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