You Can Work Out With Iron Man With These Cool Kettlebells

Do you like to work out? Are you trying to get your body ready for that outfit for ComicCon? Then come get your very own Iron Man kettle bells!!! LOL ok sorry had to try some infomercial-type opening here.

Ok, if you are a workout junkie like me then this is pretty freaking awesome and a must-have for sure. Iron Man kettlebells. Yes please. And they look like the shape of Iron Man’s head! LOL yes! The picture below is of the Iron Man 40 lbs kettle bell which will be part of Onnit’s new workout line up. And will be featured along with Captain America barbell plates! Yup need to get those too.


No release date yet on these bad boys that I have found, which sucks because I am ready to buy them now. But will be watching for sure on when I can get a set and get “ahead” on the work out scene. (see what I did there, heheh Iron Man head) ^_^


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