Superman Returns ‘Man Of Steel 2’ In Development


And thank goodness for that. I mean I was hoping they weren’t just going to go with Dawn of Justice to be the sequel for Man of Steel. There needed to be more behind Superman than just a beginning. There were four movies for the original Superman series back in the 80s (which I watched religiously, yes even the third one which was not very good) so I would think that now since they have a wonderful concept on an old fav hero, that they would run with it and bring us more.

It’s been about 3 years since the Man of Steel came to the big screen back in 2013, and there has finally been a confirmation by Henry Cavill’s manager that we may be seeing a Man of Steel 2. Apparently Mr. Cavill is already filming for Justice League, and in development for a Superman sequel. And in case you are wondering or have been under a rock, Justice League is set to be out in November of 2017 (yes have to wait until next year…)

As for now, Henry has been super busy with other projects and movies it seems. And when you are a booming star the way he has become since his days of Tudors (yes ladies if you have not seen this, go watch it now and thank me later) you start getting your hands in everything and expand as much as you can. ^_^


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